Vina Robles Red Quartet



Happy New Woot year


Happy Wooting New Year : )
Will have to do some research on this


Here’s their site:


Vina Robles Red Quartet
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
2 Vina Robles 2002 Estate Syrah
2 Vina Robles Red4 2004 Huerhuero

Not for me this week, but happy new year to all! The S.Anderson was a nice finish to the evening; I only wish I was in the company of those who could fully appreciate it (and I don’t even consider myself in that group).


Color: Dark cherry red with blue tints Dark cherry red with blue tints.
Aroma: Intense black fruits together with floral notes and hints of white pepper, earth, liquorice and vanilla Intense black fruits together with floral notes and hints of white pepper, earth, liquorice and vanilla.
Taste: Blackberries and boysenberries together with currants, spice and candied fruits. Silky and soft with a juicy quality, well Blackberries and boysenberries together with currants, spice and candied fruits. Silky and soft with a juicy quality, well balanced with soft but ripe tannins and a long pleasant finish.

This single vineyard Syrah from the Huerhuero vineyard is dark cherry red in color. The palate displays lots of ripe, sweet dark fruit with a hint of spice and notes of toasted oak. This is a full, big bodied Syrah with lots of fruit and a rich velvety texture.
Enjoy this wine tonight with anything BBQ’d, grilled meats, grilled teriyaki salmon, spicy pasta, stews, and even burgers! A delicious wine for an evening of grilling with friends and family. Delicious now or can cellar for another 2-3 years.
different vintage $17.99


Found this on CellarTracker for the 2002 Syrah:
Tasted by treaganjr on 11/18/2006 & rated 88 points: Well made, well balanced, medium mouth full, with good syrah flavors.

I bought a set. I like Syrah’s and their Red4 sounds intriguing.


I’m in for 2. I figure it’s good to stock up a little bit now, while I have christmas cash in my account. I won’t get it this week, but once I try it, I’ll chime in on how it tastes.


Out of the tub, and in for two! Happy New Year everybody! See you in the morning!


Aw, come on Corrado! Of all the winewooters, I think you could appreciate the S.Anderson.!! The whole point of good wine is to make everyone see that there is something special there…

As the last page of my 2006 “cocktails calendar” says:
Sunday December 31, 2006
“Come quickly, I am tasting stars.”
(-Dom Perignon, a blind monk, is said to have remarked after discovering champagne)
Happy New Year to all!!!
May we all “taste stars” this coming year!"


Have you tried the Bogle petit syrah?


Is that a screw top enclosure on the Red4? I like something about uncorking a bottle, and screw tops tend to take that away from me. I know the whole cork rotting thing, but it doesn’t change the fact…

Also doesn’t change that fact I’ll probably buy a set :wink:


I’m a huge fan of Bogle’s 2003 and 2004 petite syrah. Anyone know if it’s actually a petite syrah though? I remember reading an article a while back that said that through DNA testing they’ve proved a lot of Cali Petite Syrah are actually another varietal altogether. I’d like to know, just cause I love that Bogle wine so much (probably has something to do with that price) that I’d like to know whether I like Petite Syrah’s or actually something else altogether. It’s just so smooth and easy to drink, it’s one of my faves for sipping with friends.


It is always one of the best driven values on the market but Petite is completely diff grape than shiraz or syrah


I did not know that. I had a bottle of it a few weeks ago, and was happy with it. I also have a bottle of Foppiano Petit Sirah sitting near the top of my “drink because it’s probably good” rack. I hope it’s as enjoyable as the bogle was.


Did a little more research. Durif was the grape I was thinking of. Here’s a good link for history on the grape.


I see the Vina Robles 2001 Estate Syrah has a gold medal or two under its nose (I have a bottle of that one but have not tried it yet), but I can’t find anything significant on this 2002 Estate Syrah. Either way I’m tempted to get a set and will more than likely put in an order by tomorrow.


Thanks a lot for that! Interesting reading. I just looked at the bottle of Foppiano that I have, and it’s the 2002. I’m a little more excited about tasting it now, but also tempted to hold off for when I have a special occasion or something.


I should have been more specific… the Bogle petit syrah has received high ratings from all of my distributors (not just the one who sells it!) among the reccomendations for a good syrah, and even for a good red wine in particualar. My asking if anyone has tried it is more of a challenge against preconceived notions than anything else.


Happy New Year, Wooters!