Vina Robles Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay Quartet


Well, I am back. One week until my trip to Wine Country! My wife and I just bought a house and celebrated with some Sparkling Wine from S. Anderson. We had the '98 Blanc de Blancs. It drank well and was definitely worth the price. We both greatly enjoyed it. It arrived very fast (I’m so glad I moved to Texas). I let it sit for about a week and opened one up. I always like to let the wine settle for about a week or so after shipping (the tossing and turning can upset the wine and a good week or two in the cellar helps bring it back to “normal”). Not spectacular savings this time, but savings non the less.

Vina Robles 2004 Sauvignon Blanc, Jardine Vineyard - $12.00 (Free ground shipping)

Vina Robles 2003 Chardonnay, Edna Valley - $17.00 (shipping info not avaliable)

Winery’s Homepage


Winemaker’s pdf notes on the chardonnay, which is drinkable through 2008:

For whatever reason, they don’t have something like this on the 2004 Sauv. Blanc.


i was excited about getting this, then realized its not available in az for some reason. maybe i’ll get it shipped to my parents in florida.


Winery’s comments on food pairings:



I’m looking forward to getting back to the dorms so I can order some woot wines.

The only thing I am worried about is storage temp. These wines today say store at 55-65 and serve at low 50’s…my building gets hot (well it will be air until the winter but I dont think the air takes it down that low) and there is nowhere that cool that I could keep the bottles. The fridge is too cold and…seems silly for these to have to come out of the fridge.

I mean…temps in the 70’s wont kill it and I wont be storing it for long…just not something I had thought about before


Here are some tasting notes on the SB, plus a positive review:

I love this type of sauvignon blanc. If the chardonnay is well reviewed, I’m getting a bunch of this, cuz my Abandon is getting low!!


If you’re not storing for very long, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. A few weeks or even a month or two won’t do much to these young wines. As long as they stay out of the sun and don’t have too much temperature variations they should be fine.


i hate whites. B00! bring back the reds (or some more sparkling!)


here’s my useful link…

Vina Robles Wines on Shopzilla… from $14.99

…neither of the featured bottles are listed, but there’s still some good stuff for decent price… nothing close to woots prices, but good nonetheless… you can get other Sauvignon Blanc’s from $4 at Shopzilla… also, you’ll find Chardonnay’s from $1 (but i wouldn’t trust those, obviously)… with some good ones that are a little more expensive from solid wineries.


I’ve bought twice, and been satisfied, other than the extreme wait for the wines to arrive in Massachusetts. But this time, Massachusetts is not on the list! Anyone know what gives?


Woot staff has said it will vary from winery to winery. NJ is also not on the list this week. So, do I pass and save my money for next week, or do I risk getting yelled at for having stuff delivered to work again?

decisions, decision.


Hmm, this is a tough one. Historically I haven’t been much of a fan of whites, but I’ve been getting a little more into them recently. Maybe I’ll split it with a friend like I did a few weeks ago.

ottothecow: if you have one of those minifridge things, sticking the bottle in the top freezer part for 10-20 minutes should get it down to the appropriate temperature–that’s what I do with a lot of my wines (well, about 3-5 minutes for the reds I want to cool down just a bit).


Hey woot! When do we get a podcast for woot wine? I mean, it’s only once a week, that’s not so much to ask, it it?


I would be careful with this advice. Young wines can probably take abuse like this, but generally rapidly changing the temperature of any wine is not a good idea. In the fridge for 20 min = good, freezer= bad


You know, I am no expert, but from what I have read wines age faster if they are exposed to rapidly changing temperatures, so one must drink them quickly. I am confused as to how this would ruin a wine, if you plan to drink it right away?





Well, I broke my wine.woot cherry on this one. I spent 6 months in Switzerland and really enjoyed visiting the local “caves” to taste the various hill wines. I’m hoping this is similar to what I found out there.

Checked out their site, and their current Roseum is sold out. I would have loved to give that a try, the Rosé style is very popular in the area that I lived in.


I just wanted to say I tried <snipped by mod . do NOT bypass filters.> and they are great! I got my product quickly and it was of good quality. I ordered some lockwood today at like a 1/4 of its regular price.


I love that on the second post that I quoted here you seem to be upset that you ordered and still have not received your wine. The funny thing about that is, you posted it today in the forum for the S. Anderson Sparkling Wine Quartet. Which ended yesterday. Yet you can clearly see that you joined Woot on 08-07-2006. Which is today. Why can’t you spam us with info on the great site that sells you your time machines at 1/4 of regular cost?

I wonder if another idiot employee form the grape juice site will come and apologize again?