Vina Robles - Two Pack Duo

Vina Robles - Two Pack Duo
$41.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2007 California Karma Cabernet
2 2007 Vina Robles Red4
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Great deal on these wines!

I have a bottle of their PS just sitting here, so you all could have had an extra labrat for free. Alas, they didn’t decide to grant you that hymn from the PSalter.

The Red4 has PS in it and it is PSublime!!!

Yes, if this Red4 is anything like the '06(?) we had in Wisconsin at the pre old wines tasting I will probably be in for my first wine offering in I don’t know how long. :slight_smile: I don’t remember much about the one we tasted except that it was lush and fruity and had a little bit of bite to it.

Sad, no shipping to Kansas… Miss out again.


This may sound like a rookie question but… How do these screw cap bottles keep as compared to corks? Drinking window on these wines?

And can anybody find the second wine (the cab) anywhere online? It’s not on the winery’s website…?

I’m in for one. The wife and I are on a pretty limited budget for the time being, but it’s hard to pass up deals that run around $10/bottle on here. It’s always damn good juice for the price. Would love to be a lab rat for it!

CT lists Karma at community average $11.66, and the RED4 is selling for $8.34. Despite this not being a great deal, I’m in for one just to see how these stack up along with my other Vina Robles experiments.

I believe it is. Had some last year at the winery with Nostrom0, soochee, & CJ (plus zTimBz’s friend) and it was great. I know I bought 2 there.

One of my favorite Paso wineries, along with Tablas Creek.

What are those last two grapes in the Red4?

We had the 04 RED4 earlier on woot, and it was so-so per the CT notes. That blend was Syrah 60%, Petite Sirah 28%, Touriga 9%, Tannat 3%. I don’t believe we had the cab before on woot, but we did have their 02 syrah, also so-so, and some chardonnay and sauv. blanc. The whites were good as I recall, but the reds generally are too rough unless you decant them a lot or cellar them for a long time.

Tannat is a varietal from the Madiran region of France and also now in Uruguay.
Touriga Nacional is a Portuguese varietal.

They both can be pretty big and powerful by themselves. The words tannat and tannin are related so you can imagine why.

Interesting article in the newest Wine Enthusiast.

Keep in mind, both situations are in terms of long term (3+ years storage). Basically, it says that screw tops can result in “reducted” flavors that can verge on sulfuric in nose and palate due to the lack of oxygen. However, corks can result in bottle variation due to different amounts of oxygen entering the natural (and thus not consistent) corks. Moral of the story? Neither is perfect yet. However, since most (90%-ish) of wines in the US are consumed within the first year, the concerns aren’t really too drastic, particularly in an offering that is around $10/bottle. :happy:

Hmmm… been meaning to get my hands on some Paso Robles juice, but the CT reviews for this and previous vintages are a little concerning… (I know, I know, CT is totally unreliable, but I don’t have anything else to hang my hat on at this point.)

Maybe Stillman can chime in on Twist tops, it’s what he uses. As we all know oxygen is bad, cork is supposed to seal the wine and not let oxygen in.

Striaght off Stillmans site.

Oxygen is not the agent of normal bottle maturation. When a wine ages in the bottle, the oxidation-reduction potential decreases regularly until it reaches a minimum value, depending on how well the bottle is sealed. Reactions that take place in bottled wine do not require oxygen.

I am full up with reds…when are we going to see some white wine?

There are caps and there are caps.

If you’re not going to cellar the wine, the closure makes little difference (leaning towards caps because their less likely to have contamination issues). Fake “corks” are a general lose. The jury is still out on the long term storage under various closures. I’d certainly not agree fully with the quoted passage.

Carlisle winery put out a couple of issues under both cork and cap (sold in packs of one each) so I’ve got some in my cellar for my own study :slight_smile:

2007 Red4
“The aromatics are black on black, with blackberry and black cherry dominating and red currants and spice bringing up the rear. The vibrant flavors, of black cherry and bright red currants, pop out at you immediately. A beat later, you notice some brown baking spices, from the time the wine spent (14 months) in small, used oak barrels, though it doesn’t get in the way of the exuberant flavors. Nor do the usual red wine tannins, which are totally resolved at this point. So you get nothing but plenty of up front and tasty fruit flavor in this red that’s a perfect quaffer for barbecue.” Tasting notes from

On a side note. Local Best Buy here has 12 bottle vinotemp wine cooler for clearance at $34.99. Seems like a great deal.