Vina Robles Vermentino (4)

Vina Robles Vermentino 4-Pack
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2012 Vina Robles Vermentino, Huerhuero
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This is tempting but the creamy descriptor worries me. My wife likes light crisp whites like Pinot grigio, Albariño and others. I don’t recall ever having a vermentino. Can someone describe the typical profile, mouthfeel and acidity? It would be very useful to me.

Tasting Notes
Color: Light straw
Aroma: Ripe pear, melon and citrus
Taste: Rich and creamy; intense notes of tangerine unfold into a persistent bouquet

Sounds interesting. $18 a bottle though after tax and shipping. Anyone tried this before?

I grow this grape in Central Texas (as do many others) and sourced my stock from Tablas Creek, Paso Robles via Novavine. This should be a great buy but it’s certainly not “rich” by style, although they got the brix and alcohol rather high. Most harvest Vermentino around 22 brix. Acid is good. It’s a crisp and dry wine, citrus flavor, much like a Pinot Grigio or Albarino.

Did you happen to find a bottle or have you had this at the winery?

Those are the notes from the specs…

The Italian ones I’ve tasted (from Sardinia for sure, and I think also from more northerly regions) have been crisp and refreshing, good fish/seafood whites. But that’s a world away from Paso Robles, land of 16% bruisers (whether that’s a consequence of the climate or winemaking decisions)… I wouldn’t necessarily expect the varietal character to show the same here as there.

The benchmark for Paso Vermentino IMO is Tablas Creek. Consistently delicious and great balance. Good chance these vines came from Tablas. A bit curious about the numbers, because the Tablas V came in at 12.5% abv in 2012 vs. this wine at 14.9%.

Tablas has a short writeup regarding their Vermentino.

Vina Robles was an early adopter of wine.woot. i’m a big fan of them and their wines. Consistently solid QPR.

a great intro to Vermentino IMO.

I think that a couple a bucks less a bottle shipped I might given it a try but $17.71 is about three times the price of the white wine my wife has been drinking recently. (and really enjoying) So I think its a pass today.

Wow. Are you seriously getting tasty $6 interesting whites? Where?

Edit: I’ve enjoyed the Renwood Viognier at about $6, but I would not compare it to this offering. (Seems apples to oranges).

I’m not going high jack this offering with tales of good cheap wine found elsewhere. But the point was that at a couple of bucks less per bottle might have put this firmly in the buy category for me simply so my wife could try it. She really enjoyed a Vina Robles SB we picked up for around $9 a bottle a couple years back.

She likes what she likes and if it’s ultra cheap I can only encourage it.

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Moscato or Eis Wein for SWMBO here; yin-yang. Something in the middle would be nice, but not sure I’d trade her in tho’.