Vincent Van Gogh - Moored Boats

This is an excellent selection of late 19th century Post-Impressionist art. At these prices you’re pretty much getting the painting free, because it would cost that much for custom framing of a canvas painting. The quality of the framing looks quite nice from what I can see in the photos.

Everyone has their own preferences. My personal taste would put Van Gogh at the top, Degas at the bottom, and the others somewhere in between. Van Gogh’s “Moored Boats” is particularly interesting. It was painted in the spring of 1887, at Asnieres, north of Paris. It shows the evolution of his painting style from the earlier Dutch work, to his later style which made him one of the greatest painters of the period. The original is in a private collection and one doesn’t see this painting very often. The real painting by Van Gogh has more subtle colors and a much more sophisticated style. Of course. And there lies the dilemma. You can buy a copy of the actual painting printed on canvas for about $100. But if you want a crude, overcolored copy painted in a Chinese factory, this one is a pretty good deal.