Vincent Van Groot Jersey Zip Hoodie

are they jersey hoodies the lightweight hoodies?!

In a sense, yes. Jersey = t-shirt knit/t-shirt weight fabric.

(The specs do appear to be incorrect right now, however. Let me send in for corrections …)

I’m asking the Shirt Tsar about this right now :slight_smile:

A couple other ones had issues also, but it looks like everything’s been taken care of already. :slight_smile:

Thanks for alerting us to the issues Narfcake. We <3 you.

The chest measurements look like they’re for children not adults

Those are “lay flat” measurements. For the chest circumference, simply double the number.

Def undersize, not adult sized. XL fits more like an adult small/medium.

Do the measurements match the size chart? If not, please contact customer service.