Vindie Red Blend Gift Pack (3)

Vindie: A Wine Music Discovery Experience Red Blend Gift 3-Pack
$56.99 $79.99 29% off List Price
2014 Vindie Red Blend, Central Coast

I have a bottle of this and will post notes in the morning.
For now here is some more info on Vindie: link
The winemaker: link

Max here from Vindie, excited to be on Woot. Happy to answer any questions

Don’t think it is mentioned this will be delivered in time for Christmas. a really really cool gift for music and wine lovers.

check out the video. there is a Clark Smith sighting!

Malbec blend… hmmmm…

Max, can you tell me more about this? (open ended question, sorry! :smiley: )

Edit: I live in SLO, so I’m a bit curious if you sourced from any of the local vineyards here between Paso and Solvang.

I’m in for one. I find the concept of pairing wine with music fascinating.


So, a bottle of this made an appearance at the recent SoCal gathering. Given that a few of us had seen the postcard in recent wine.woot deliveries, this brand was not entirely new to us. However, seeing as how the sales pitch was “wine + music = better” there was some scepticism that the wine might not be up to snuff. Well, that prejudice was thoroughly debunked.

My notes are not extensive, but they go as follows. The nose was dark fruit with a generous helping of smoke and meat. The palate had olive, meat, peppercorn, earth, and raspberry. We had no idea what varieties were in the bottle, and we would have lost a taste test since a few of us thought it was Grenache-based, with some cooler climate Syrah bringing in the olive/meat notes. No matter…what did matter was that we enjoyed this and I was certainly impressed with it.

$19/bottle isn’t the level of screaming deal we sometimes see on wine.woot, but it is (imo) an absolutely fair price for what’s in the bottle. If we weren’t overflowing I’d be buying.

As for the music, we enjoyed the selections that got played. However, we didn’t shut up and concentrate on the music enough to be able to decide whether it enhanced the bottle…instead, the good friends at the gathering enhanced everything.

I love the concept although the way my current day is structured there is no time for something like this, young kids will do that.

We source Vindie wine from independent coastal vineyards throughout California. Our philosophy is to make the wine in the vineyard, i.e. select vineyards that work well together and then bring out their best elements during the winemaking process. That entails aligning fermentation temperatures, maceration times, oak aging, and all the complexities of winemaking to highlight what is already there. The results are wines that exhibit freshness, bright fruit character, and balance.

The Red Blend is Sourced primarily from Hames Valley, in the foothills of the Santa Lucia range in coastal California

…I have to admit, being the skeptic that I am, I had my doubts… but the music and wine really work together. Clark Smith was right!

Good juice for the price by the way, IMHO.

And you are…? :wink:

Fletch. Fletch M. Fletch. I’m a shepherd.

…sorry I’ve been absent from these parts lately…

Really nice wine and really cool music to go with it! Cooler than I expected. The site works properly, you have to create an account and enter the code off the bottle. I was able to stream an interesting mix of music on my tablet as I tasted.

On to the wine…
Solid juice here. Kind of light-medium in body and on the palate with a pretty red/purple color. Fruity cherry and berries but not sweet. In fact it was very very dry and some tannins showing (2014 is young still), along with some spices. The oak was not prominent and the alcohol fairly subdued. I would have sworn there was zin in this but now that I see cab, malbec, pinot and ps that makes sense too. The berry fruit and purple color from the malbec and ps, more berry and red color and body from the cab, and cherry and lighter body from the pinot. Pretty interesting actually. Overall a well made wine.

Yo, ye wooters. Jeff Bunschu has done a terrific job running with the wine and music pairing concept. Way more about it at

This whole thing was discovered by the late and great Don Blackburn of Emeritus, back when he was consulting for the Benzigers back in 1992.

I think what is going on is that wines, like music, carry emotions, so if you can suit the music to the wine, it gets rounder and softer and sometimes has more depth. The really interesting thing he showed us was how terrible wines taste if the music is mis-matched to their emotional modality. In this case, a polka would do it. The resulting harshness is quite striking.

Once you get a good music match with something on iTunes, you can use iTunes Genius to find similar tunes that might also work. Sample them for the free 30 seconds (it only takes a couple seconds) and drag and drop a purchased playlist for your evening’s enjoyment. In this way, you can enhance every wine you ever drink from this day forward.

Man do I love not having kids… :slight_smile:

In for one! Can’t wait to do the pairing.

Thanks for the tasting notes Klez and Cesare. Those, coupled with props from Clark and Neil have caused me to push the ridiculously large orange button. Or is it yellow?

Thanks for the TN’s. I dropped them into CT.