Vines on the Marycrest Rhone Blends (3)

Vines on the Marycrest Rhone Blends 3-Pack
$49.99 $̶9̶2̶.̶0̶0̶ 46% off List Price
2011 At Last, White Rhone Blend
2009 Heart of Glass, Red Rhone Blend
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Rhone blends?
GSM and a Vio, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc blend.
Nice numbers too.
Got my attention.
This may take more control than I can muster, and the + deal ends tomorrow too; I sense impending doom.

At least I can pass on the Dyson and aftershave.

I think you could use the after shave.

Well it has been quite a while since I’ve posted in the main area and also a while since we have bought an entire Wine Woot offering (rather than splitting) since the cellar is truly beyond overflowing BUT the 2009 Heart of Glass is actually one we tasted at the winery in December (based on the suggestion of the famous Larry of Tercero) with Jennifer and Victor and enjoyed it enough to buy it there. Whatever that means at this point, we are in for at least 1 set of these. Not to mention, the story of how Victor got into winemaking at a nunnery in Culver City and chose the winery name is an interesting one that maybe one of them will share on here.
(And first time as first sucker! What are you waiting for?!)

I like this deal but feel it would have better served as a 2X2 at $60. Interested in a bottle of the red if anyone in SoCal wants a split.

Hey, thanks, and cheers! Also wanted to mention that both these wines are current offerings at the winery so this is a pretty good deal for award-winning, hand-crafted wines!

It is always a bit tricky how to format the offering. The fact is, we are getting low on the 2011 At Last so could only offer one bottle–The 09 Heart of Glass goes down pretty easy… Just sayin’.


Happy Birthday to zTimBz and Cathy Corison!!

Happy Birthday to zTimBz and Cathy Corison!!!


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I know this doesn’t add much to the discussion, but I love the screw caps, not a fan at all of the label.

Hello Noth316! Good morning from Victor at VOTM. I am glad you like that we close our bottles under screw cap–it works for us and we believe it is the best seal for the wine. On the subject of labels, we get a lot of feedback-mainly positive, but some negative for sure. But what it boils down to is what is INSIDE the bottle, right? These wines are layered and complex fermented on all native yeast and made in very small lots…by my hands. Cheers!

I certainly agree. I don’t base my buying decisions on the labels. Some of my favorite wines have fairly hideous labels. With that said, feedback is a key to business so I thought I would provide some.

The numbers on these wines look very good. Was there any modification done, de-alc, acidulation, etc to bring these numbers to where they are at? The PH just seems pretty low for a Paso wine without some technological assistance, unless growing conditions were perfect? I am also surprised on the 14.1% alc on the white blend, very low for Paso fruit.

Any residual sugar in either of these?

Any idea on drinking window as well? Both look like they can be held for a number of years based on the stats.

Now we’re talkin. When you get the best grapes, the wine basically makes itself. With that said, the At Last blend did require minor acid adjustments to bring the numbers to where we wanted them. We ferment until dry. so there is no determinable R/S on either of these wines. As for drinking window on AT LAST we say good to go for the next three years (but it won’t be around that long) and HEART OF GLASS is drinking great now and will for the next several years. Thanks for asking! VA

These guys will be at the Garagiste Festival in Paso Robles later this year! I’ve posted the information in the Gatherings tab.

Thanks for dropping in Victor and Jennifer from VOM! Discovered these wines at the first Paso Garagiste festival and have been a fan ever since.

The Heart of Glass is drinking nicely right now (enjoyed it at the Sonoma Farmer’s Market last week. I didn’t take notes, but the bottle emptied quickly, enjoyed by some Sonoma wine folk!).

I may have to open the “At Last” this evening…

Hi neilfindswine! Sonoma wine folks know wine and so do Paso wine folks. I’ve seen these wines around town at a couple of different wine bars. Good stuff!

EDIT: I opened the “At Last” for a little ‘Friday afternoon White’. First poured out of the fridge bug was too cold. Light color, closed nose with hints of stone fruit; on the palate stone fruit and lemon, but again, cold and closed.

Revisited after letting it warm up. Much better. Honey on the nose and a touch on the palate as well. Still has a bit of lemon, but stone fruit (nectarine is about right) takes the front seat with a hint of apple. I find it to be refreshingly lighter-bodied I’m not opposed to the more viscous mouthfeel that vio often brings, but this one is lighter bodied with a nice acidity. Wondering if I should try some food with it…

…so what is the story with the winery name? (no one’s ever told me…)

At Last is good as a sipper, but also works well with food. Could you try it with a brie quesadilla?

Our name… well, long story short, we are named after an old folks home in Culver City, CA called Marycrest Manor run by the Carmelite Sisters. In my misguided early home-wine making days I planted about 100 vines on one of their south-west facing slopes…The nuns assumed it was pot and were not at all pleased. I had a lot of 'xplaining to do. We remember those days fondly, hence, the name. That’s my story.

That’s a pretty good story. I have yet to try a wine from the Culver City AVA.

I’m fresh out of brie quesadillas, but I’m heading over to the Fig Cafe in Glen Ellen for dinner; I may try to smuggle in my bottle of ‘At Last’, though admittedly as I wait for my wife to get ready the bottle is getting lighter by the minute… as it evolves, the texture is getting nicer and nicer…

What is this talk of Brie Quesadillas. This must be an elaborate plot to make me really hungry and thirsty!!! In for one because of these hunger and thirst inducing comments.

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