Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver 4-Pack

Yes, but How Does It Work? that is not at all clear. There is Argon gas involved, and the, apparently, metal containers.

I think you spray the thing into the bottle of wine and it pushes all the air out to keep it from oxidizing. But that’s just a guess from me. I’ll ask the wine team to clarify.

Edit: Yep, I was right.

Simple to use, two quick bursts in to the bottle, and the 100% argon gas will create a barrier preventing oxidation. Be prepared, a full canister feels empty … however also to now open whatever you want whenever you want. Extra canisters make great wine/hostess gift

How many “bursts” per can would you estimate?

From the description on the mothership:

Each canister has over 100 bursts enough to protect 50 bottles of open wine