Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver

Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver
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2 - Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver Institutional Size


Never heard of this type of product before, but it sounds interesting.

This is the preserver we use. We chose it over the Private Preserve (which is much easier to find since it’s what they sell at most wine shops around here) since it is all argon rather than a combo. The only issue I’ve had is that we have a few cans and I didn’t mark which can we are using and since they all feel empty from the start I’m not sure how much is left in any of them. Keep that in mind when you buy (mark one that you are using and just use that till it is emptied). I actually use this more for whisky bottles when they are about 1/2 to 1/4 remaining.

You mean you aren’t using RQ’s Rube Goldberg Argon device? :wink:

Thread on Argon Wine preservation

I own a vineyard and am a winemaker and have used Private Reserve forever. It’s cheap if you buy 3 at Amazon, something like $8.50 ea. shipped. I also use it to lay an inert gas layer on tung oil varnishes as I seal the can’s top. Combo gases are fine as long as they are inert which Private Reserve’s are.

So assuming we drink half the bottle upon opening and finish the bottle next reopening, approximately how many open bottles would one of these cans be good for?

From the writeup:
Institutional size treats up to 120 bottles

I brew beer and always have some co2 laying around. Not that I often don’t finish a bottle, but if I need to I’ll just blow some co2 in, seems to work well enough for me.

thanks for knowing we are 100% argon and the valuable difference … just know that along with that we also provide 100% guarantee … PLEASE let us know if you ever have ANY issue … simply email us at

you should get a minimum of 240 bursts per canister and therefore have 120+ applications.

just so you know … CO2 is soluble in wine (and O2 is what causes oxidation) reason for 100% argon … noble inert gas

best news is it is based on “science” … nice that it was mentioned for spirits, but also recommend use for specialty cooking oils, balsamic vinegars …

It would be interesting to hear Clark’s take on what the oxygen uptake would be like and how it relates to a wines oxygen appetite.

I use this type of product all the time and find it quite useful. Recommend trying it out if you haven’t already.

agreed on hearing everyone’s opinion and perspective. … it should not be about saving wine … it all be about enjoying more wine (because you can save)

At a standard atmosphere, what is the ~volume~ of a ‘burst’?
i.e. putting it another way, how many bursts would it take to fill an empty 750 ml bottle?

well of course it can’t compete with yours :slight_smile: but a bit easier to handle.

Prefer to pour any leftovers into a 1/2 bottle and then to the fridge.

No bursts required