Vino D'Angelo Shake Ridge Zinfandel (4)

Vino D’Angelo Shake Ridge Zinfandel 4-Pack
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2008 Zinfandel, Shake Ridge Ranch, Amador County
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2008 Vino D’Angelo Zinfandel - Shake Ridge Ranch

PnP. Maroon color in the glass with thin, medium spaced legs. Classic California Zin nose of raspberry, pepper and light oak. Palate imitates nose. Raspberry with a hint of cherry on the entry. Peppery bramble on the mid-palate which carries through to the (American?) oak and chalky tannins on the medium finish. Fairly typical of Cali Zin, but not jammy or “in your face” big.

Definitely a bit more restrained and lighter bodied than many Cali Zins. On Scott Harvey’s Old World/New World scale, this would be about 60-70% New World. Although this wine (like Scott’s Zins) hails from Amador County, the Vino D’Angelo doesn’t quite measure up to Scott’s efforts. That is a pretty high bar to set, so may not be fair to use that as a guide.

Tallulah’s “Les Trois Voix” GSM blend, which has received previous wooter accolades, was also sourced from Shake Ridge Ranch so the fruit seems to have a good pedigree although it’s hard to compare and contrast since there was no Zin in the Les Trois Voix.

Overall I found this to be a pretty straight-forward Zinfandel with a slightly restrained style and good tannic structure which should allow it to age gracefully for another five years or more.

EDIT: The woot writers are recommending this as a Thanksgiving wine in their own unique way and I agree that this would go well with turkey and all the trimmings.

I knew I recognized that name - thanks for making note. That Tallulah GSM is one of my all-time best QPR buys on here!

Now if we could just get stuff shipped to Ohio again…

(Though, I must say, this prolonged shipping kerfuffle certainly has helped my budget this year).

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Hello Everyone

I hope you will give this a try. Shake Ridge is a great vineyard to pick from. Ann Kraemer is the owner on the property and a very well known viticulturist from the Napa Valley. Cheers to you all Dan

Hi Chipgreen

Your right it was American Oak 40% new oak aged for 18 months. The 2007 was named the top 100 wine of the SF Chronicle in 09. Sorry that wine is long gone. Cheers Dan

Michigan is on the ship to list!

Since November 6th.

Hi Dan, thanks for the response.

I’m having a “day 2” glass of your Zin and it’s opened up nicely compared to last night. A little more fruit coming through now (mostly darker fruits along with raspberry) and the oak seems better integrated throughout the mid-palate and finish. Tannins seem less chalky but still firm and enjoyable.

The restrained style and lighter body lend a touch of elegance that is usually missing in Zinfandel, which I tend to think of as a somewhat “rustic” wine. This is a solid Zin and I feel even more strongly now about it being a great addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table (but recommend aerating and/or decanting first).

Thanks Chipgreen,
I am glad that the wine is opening up to show it’s great profile. I enjoy that wine with food and on it’s own. To me it’s not your normal Ca Zin. It’s Much more balanced and not in your face with fruit or Alcohol.


I agree and meant to mention that this wine really hides the 14.9% alc very well. It’s not at all hot.

Just had to post one more time about this wine. I still had half a bottle left after drinking a glass the first night and another the following day. I expected to finish the bottle within a day or two so did not bother pouring into a 375ml but used the Vacu-Vin instead.

I am finishing up the bottle tonight and it is drinking wonderfully on day SIX! This is not only a testament to the effectiveness of the Vacu-Vin for preserving wine for up to a week (as they claim) but also to the structure of the Vino D’Angelo Zin.

Hopefully this will be offered again in the near future (but only after Ohio is added back to the shipping list, of course).