Vino Noceto 2 and 2 (4)

Vino Noceto 2 and 2 Sangiovese 4-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $98.85) 44% off List Price
2008 Riserva Noceto Sangiovese, Shenandoah Valley, California
2009 Noceto Sangiovese, Amador County
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Bought the 4-pack and SIWBM… Bought the 4-pack and SIWBM… Bought the 4-pack and SIWBM… Bought the 4-pack and SIWBM…

Seems like this SIWBM might be sending you over the edge :wink:

Another slam dunk for me IN

Thanks Woot!

This winery is a 30 minute drive from my house :slight_smile:

Is this “Said I wouldn’t buy more”?
Or, “Sangiovese is what beckons me”?

I wish I could trade my previously purchased 4 pack for this one. Anybody want to make that swap? :slight_smile: Or take the two non-reserve off my hands for a nice intro to Noceto?

Self-Imposed Wine Buying Moratorium

Baby + losing an income to take care of said baby = SIWBM.

Since you are nearby, come visit! If you call ahead, we’d be happy to give you and several friends, neighbors, or relatives a tour. It’s a fun time in the cellar, as most of the new red wine is settling in and the 2011 are beginning to show what they may really be.

I have purchased Noceto previously and they were memorable enough for me to order again and that is very rare. I am in for a couple.

Since I already have 14 bottles of Noceto on hand or on the way (thanks to woot!), my SIWBM is holding on this. Otherwise this would be close to an autobuy. (I’ve got 14 bottles because of it’s past autobuy status.)

If you like Sangio this is great stuff. If you don’t know if you like Sangio and would like to be introduced, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted.

I am quite new to Wine Woot - mind sharing what SIWBM stands for?
Thanks (From Ghana)

SIWBM = Self-Imposed Wine Buying Moratorium.

Sometimes you might see a reference to a SWMBOWBM. That is a “She Who Must Be Obeyed Wine Buying Moratorium”.

Hahaahah - Ok, I get it. They sound like terrible spells then. Something worse than Lent.

I’ll start buying for my Xmas break back in the US… Thanks.

Bought case the last time and have served 3 bottles and got nothing but raves. Love this stuff!!! In for 3 again.

Damn you woot. SIWBM as well. Why couldn’t this just be the Resirva? I wanted to try some of that, but don’t need more of the regular.

good reviews, in for one

MD on the list of ship-to states but it isn’t letting me check out? I kinda want this.

GAH! If I didn’t buy a case of the 2009 normale two weeks ago or whenever it was just here, I would be all over this one. First time buyers remorse as 6 of each would have been preferred especially for $15 more.

Riserva is my favorite wine woot of all time. Thanks for bringing it back! So happy…