Vino Noceto 2 and 2 (4)

Jim, Are there any major differences between these wines and the previous years from the earlier woot offerings? Can you give us an idea of the drinking windows on these? I’d like to know how long I am going to pretend to keep them. Also a recipe for Pork Spiedini would be welcome.

Whatever, I am in for 2 because (despite my delusions that I would cellar a few) I enjoyed every one of my previous purchases. Thanks for giving us another chance.

Looking at the two wines, the 2009 Noceto Sangiovese is the 20th vintage our flagship wine. It is remarkably consistent year to year as it is targeted at mid-range plus Chianti Classico wines with a bit of California sun. The Riserva is selected lots attempting to be more California in style without forgetting the Tuscan roots. The 2008 Riserva is 100% estate grapes and while the lot selection is pretty stable, the wine continues to evolve vintage to vintage more than the Noceto or normale Sangiovese.
I believe both wines will benefit from cellaring and could last a decade or more. But, both are ready to drink now.
Hope that helps.

Sorry, off topic, just poking my head in here to see if anyone knows if there will be any Blitzen this year. Big hit with the family last year, and shockingly it’s all gone.

I don’t recall if there was any Blitzen left after last year’s sales or not, but there should be a new Woot Cellars offering pretty soon (within the next week or two) if it plays out the same as the last few years.

Argh woot! If I hadn’t just bought a case of the Normale that you were selling just last week and then 2.5 weeks ago, I would be in on this in a second. But that case already put me over my storage capacity. Sigh; would have preferred this deal since I have been known to love certain bottles of the risvera.

Anybody who has cellar space, you should be in for the max. Vino Noceto is one of the best QPR purchases you’ll find on this site.

Sadly (very, very, very sadly!), I must pass due to lack of space and just having bought a case of the normale and not needing additional bottles of it. :frowning:

I will attempt to cellar a few although I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in the past. Thank you for your very helpful answer.

I think I’m in for a third order if I can do it.

I would purchase this, as Sangio is one of my favorites!! But, alas, I live in VA!!!

Maryland is on the list for this wine, but I get a message “can’t ship to that state” when I try to order.

May want to adjust the list, or allow shipment. I’m hoping for the latter. Don’t care if you get in trouble.

Maryland is on the list for this wine, but I get a message “can’t ship to that state” when I try to order.

May want to adjust the list, or allow shipment. I’m hoping for the latter. Don’t care if you get in trouble.

In for one, always a great wine and a great value.

I’ve skipped this before - don’t think I’m going to be able to hold off this time… must… resist… don’t… want… to…

Gah, if Scott’s even telling us he’s buying, this is beyond a no-brainer. SIWBM be damned!

I’ve been trying so hard not to buy any wine since my purchases from this summer showed up a couple weeks ago. However, I love sangiovese and all the comments from the various users are too much to resist. I knew I should’ve never read this discussion :(.

Last Wooter to Woot:sdwindansea

I blame Scott Harvey for making me go in for two instead of one.

a big fan of Vino Noceto both in the wine they produce and how they conduct business. Welcome back Suzie and Jim.

The Reserva is one of my favorites of all time.

I checked my account and all I have purchased this month is gourmet peanut butter cups. With encouraging comments from Mr. WD and Mr. Harvey, I am in for one and looking forward to it!

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I’ve now been buying noceto wines for 4-5 years. Has anyone noticed upwardly trending fruit/alc? I used to think of them as more restrained.

Will think on it.

Always enjoyed Noceto wines over the years. I’ve been under a 6 month moratorium to make some more cellar room and I can’t think of a better wine to start restocking :slight_smile:

Is anybody from Woot going to address the fact that Maryland is on the ship-to list but it isn’t letting us check out? Two of us have asked already.

I bought this offering a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, so I jumped on the offering a couple weeks ago when it came up for 4… kinda wish I had waited for this 2 and 2 combo.

edited to update:
Sorry, Maryland is excluded. We’ve changed the states list to reflect that.

great wine for everyday consumption