Vino Noceto 2 and 2 (4)

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Vino Noceto 2 and 2 Sangiovese 4-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $98.85) 44% off List Price
2008 Riserva Noceto Sangiovese, Shenandoah Valley, California
2009 Noceto Sangiovese, Amador County
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Grrrr. No Vermont.

Man, I love this stuff, and I would be all over this offer, except I’ve bought this three times in the last two months. My wine fridge is considerably stocked with this wine.

If this comes up again in a few months, I will have to re-stock, but right now I am set.

Just tried both of these. The 2009 is a great great wine. It has good fruit/tannin/acid balance. The 2008 reserve is a karate kick to the face in regards to acidity. Major pucker factor, yet it didn’t detract from a pleasant bouquet and wonderful garnet color. I let it aerate for a while and tried again, only to pucker my face again. Nothing wrong with that for some people, but the 2009 is by far more drinkable right now in my uber-humble opinion.

In the same boat… I have purchased twice before.

Me three. Hope to see it back about May or June…

The PH is 3.24 on that wine, so I’m not too surprised. I’m not sure that I’ve seen 3.24 on a red before, but I’m not that experienced.

If your going to drink the 08 this young (that’s right Kyle I said it)make sure you pair with food, that will do the trick.

Damn. We are on a SIWBM. But you all were talking about Vino Noceto at Klezman’s so we have to be in for 1 at least:

Vino Noceto 2 and 2 (4)
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We just the bottles last week from the last time woot sold this combination, and DH’s face lit up. ULtra-tempted to get some more, but heck, it’s a woot-off, and we still need to drink what we have.

So wine-woot folks, please bring this back, but not until late January. Please?

Thanks to you guys for the heads up on that. I agree that the 2009 is fantastic - so I’m in again for this - but I hadn’t gotten around to trying the 2008 yet, and it sounds like that’d be better off stashed away for a while to age a bit to reach its full potential.

What happened to CT!!!
We used to be able to order wine, now not!!!

I haven’t tried this yet but I bought two sets last time it was available. In my notes, I have to not open the 2008 Reserve until at least 2014 and wait as long as 2020.