Vino Noceto 2 and 2 (4)

Enjoyable wine but not listed to ship to Michigan. It would be nice if the winery should offer this deal for direct shipping since woot doesn’t seem to be able to deal with Michigan.

How about it Noceto rep?

Well, after purchasing this wine every previous woot offer, now there’s no shipping to GA.

Big bummer. This is a family favorite.

Despite a completely overstuffed cellar, I had to pick up a single pack. The Riserva is delicious and this offer is a great price.

The 2007 was fantastic, the 2008 was very good as well.

As for the 2010 Sangiovese, we love it so much we are serving it (multiple cases worth) at our upcoming wedding in November!

Could you comment on what you like?

My experience with new world Sangios has been less than stellar…

I do love Chiantis and Vino Nobiles though.

Does anyone remember if this is what I liked when we went in Aug?

Long time since I was able to order Vino Noceto. Happy Polarbear.

I know…

Its about time CT was invited to the party!

We generally drink a fare amount of Italian Sangiovese, much less from California. To our palates, most new world sangio is too fruity without a good acidity to balance it out. Vino Noceto, especially the Riserva, are the best expression of old world style we have seen out of California. Nice medium to long finish, enough acid and tannins to give it a bite and strong presence without being out of balance. Decent spicy character as well.

Worth a shot, especially at this price. Worse case, it is a weekday drinker with pizza (low enough price for it). Best case you may fall in love!

Did you buy any? :wink:

I know I liked them. Just don’t remember which ones I bought then. :doh:

Edit: And waited too long. :frowning: but also :slight_smile:

Bummed that I missed this! :frowning: Consistently great stuff.

Shipped on a Friday for Saturday delivery. Whaaaaaat? Unfortunately, my orders are shipped to work, so: “Customer not available or business closed.” Sad face. Since when was Saturday delivery on the table??