Vino Noceto 2 and 2 (4)

Vino Noceto 2 and 2 Sangiovese 4-Pack
$49.99 $95.00 47% off List Price
2010 Noceto Sangiovese, Amador County
2009 Riserva Noceto Sangiovese, Shenandoah Valley
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Just grabbed a case! We love this stuff and totally under-ordered last time around. For the money, this is some well made Sangiovese at daily drinkable pricing.

Totally agree! In for 2. Would get more but I’m running out of places to hide the stuff. :slight_smile:

+1 on the above comments.
This is what I would call a boutique everyday drinker. Bright. Complex. Changes through the evening enough to be engaging. Acidic enough to hold its own with food. I didn’t buy enough last time around.

Aloha, Wooters,
Our Kauai rep and I spent yesterday showing the 2010 Noceto Sangio from Princeville to Lihue. It showed great – Chianti with California sun! And, of course, the 2009 Riserva on the mainland (hasn’t yet said aloha) is California that hasn’t forgotten its Tuscan roots. Just like we planned.
Salute! Suzy & Jim

Good to see you on here. I want to add to the previous comments. This is a very good QPR wine. The wine is beautifully made and ages well. The bottles I was able not to drink right away from my last order ended up even better. It is a very smooth and wonderful tasting wine.

Unfortunately, the politicians in Virginia have decided that the free market is too competitive, so they have removed my ability to have wine shipped to my home. I encourage everyone to make this an active day on woot.

It’s always nice to see really good wine at a good price!

Suzy & Jim, Any chance there will be a “call the winery special” for your Ohio and other states off the ship list fans today?


This is normally an auto buy for me, but alas my state does not want me to have such tasty juices.

Wootlegging question?

If I have a friend in D.C. who would receive this for me (ship-to), can I still do the ordering (bill-to) here in Virginia?
Or does the order have to originate in D.C.?
I should already know this, but, I don’t

You could ship to me and I’ll deliver it at Wooster in the spring, if that suits your needs.

Doesn’t matter where the order originates, it’s the shipping address that counts.

good juice, even if its not a Cab :slight_smile:

I love Noceto, and I am always pleasantly surprised when I find one stashed away in the wine closet.
This is an auto buy for me and my family.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, I would be buying a case of this if it shipped to Ohio. Hands down the best QPR of any wine I have ever purchased from Woot. This is also the only absolute auto-buy I have missed while not being able to buy wine in Ohio from Woot, so not too bad. I will continue to save my money and reduce my holdings in the meantime.

You speak the truth. This is my go-to Sangiovese.

Yeah…That’s why I have a Wootlegger!

Make sure you tell your CCard company that it’s an authorized address. :slight_smile:

Hi Suzy and Jim, glad to have you back on Wine.Woot!

Can you talk to us about your expected drinking windows for these???

Thanks for making awesome wine!

bought this years ago and loved it. went awesome with my salami, red sauced pasta dishes. I recently moved and sold my collection of 400+ bottles. I’m in the process of rebuilding my collection. I wouldn’t age this much past 4 years, but the first 1-3 years were fantastic. For the price, this is a steal.