Vino Noceto Mystery (6)

Vino Noceto Mystery 6-Pack
$89.99 $180.00 50% off List Price
6 - Vino Noceto Mystery 6 Pack, 750ml

In for 3!

Looks like a fun offer. Im really trying hard not to buy and this is not helping!

Gosh, it seems like eons since we’ve seen Vino Noceto. I thought they were gone forever!

Last wooter to woot:bolligra

Hi from Vino Noceto! We are glad to be back! Let us know if you have any questions.

This is soooo tempting…I am not supposed to be buying any more wine until I get my wine fridge fixed… but… Vino Noceto!!! such temptation…decisions, decisions…


In for 2!

Really, really great wines!

Really not supposed to be buying. But Noceto. I want to go in for 3, but that will not go over well. So I’ll go in for 1 now and maybe can be convinced to split another set. Or maybe I’ll cave in the morning for another.

Last wooter to woot: klezman

It’s so great to have Vino Noceto back on Woot! Oh how we’ve missed you!

I’m in the same boat as many others and I’ve been cutting back on buying wine (due to budget constraints, limited storage space, etc)


I know I’ll be kicking myself later if I pass this up. Noceto wines offer great QPR, so now the only question is how much to order…

Edit: This might be asking too much, but hopefully the number of duplicate bottles will be minimized for wooters that are ordering more than one set.

Thanks Vino Noceto for coming back to Woot! :grinning:

Hey Cool Chris!

We don’t do the packing - that’s on woot’s end, and I don’t know how they set up packing. (From personal experience, mystery packs are one of the most logistically difficult things to pack/organize!)

That said, there definitely will be at least a little bit of duplication if you get multiple packs. But I do know that all of the wines in the package are particularly great - they are some of my favorites - so your duplicates should be delicious (and should cellar well)! Sorry that we can’t be of more help, and we hope that you love your (future) wines!

Lindy from Vino Noceto

Glad to be back! We don’t control the packing – only the supplying. But, those who order multiple 6-packs could get as many as 9 or 10 different wines.

How about another woot for Frivolo in cans?!

Edit: I thought I heard something about Noceto canning - was this a dream?

Not a dream. Frivolo in a can is coming next spring… though I’m not so sure it will make it on Woot. We’re trying to finalize our colors. If you want to register your vote, go to our Facebook page.

I also see a distinct lack of Frivolo mentioned on this deal. Did DD-Dog swipe it all from the shipment to Woot?

All I got was a rock…

“This item cannot be shipped to MI. Please remove this wine from your order.”

“Merry Christmas to me…”

In for 2, thanks Suzy and WD!

So great to have you back Suzy. Just opened a bottle of 2009 Sangiovese Riserva last night - still quite wonderful.

That is not going to make me happy … - reciting the well-worn refrain - I have ordered Vino Noceto many times in the past for shipment to Michigan - What gives?

This item cannot be shipped to OR. Please remove this wine from your order.

Alas, a pretty short list of states for this one.