Vino Noceto Mystery Red Wine (6)

Vino Noceto Mystery Red Wine 6-Pack
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Your Noceto Mystery 6-pack will include six different Noceto wines, including three different Sangioveses, a Red Blend, an old vine Zin from the Original Grandpere Vineyard.

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I do love Noceto to but not a fan of mystery ugghh

Love me a Vino Noceto mystery mixed case…can you just drop it off next door at Scott Harvey. Haha. In for 2!!! Need a refill of good Amador reds…even if it is a mystery.

scardey-cat :wink:

I haven’t seen Connecticut in the allowed states for some time. Did you forget about us, or is anyone actually editing the list of states?

The problem, according to Peter Wellington, is that the CT license is extremely expensive. A lot of smaller wineries don’t find it to be cost-effective.

You get 6 bottles of 2011… :wink:

I got a very nice mix on the last Vino Noceto mystery.

Stopped into the winery last week and tasted the latest offerings. Picked up some of their grappa.

Haha I swear it’s like you read my mind :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we aren’t licensed in the state of Connecticut. Many small wineries, such as ourselves, can’t afford the very high fees imposed by the state. Feel free, however, to contact us directly to see if we can help you.

More likely 0-1 bottles 2011 – we’re supplying a premium mix for this mystery 6-pack. While 2011 wasn’t a stellar vintage in California, our library 2011 Sangioveses are developing really nicely in the bottle. We’ve found that patience pays off with the lighter vintages of Sangiovese. They age particularly well into beautiful wines. Also, 2011 was a great vintage for our 2011 OGP Zinfandel!

Always a chance – it’s a mystery! (Love the picture)

This sounds like a nice pack, I’ll probably be in for a set either way, but can anyone with experience comment on the sangiovese style? I recently had a pedroncelli sangio, which I found very nice… fairly fruit forward with lots of bright fruit and a medium body. I’ve also had lighter bodied, gamier Italian sangioveses.

I’m seriously tempted, I love their wines in general and the last mystery pack worked out well for me. If I order more than one pack will both be different? I’d rather get a wider variety than a lot of duplicates.

Noceto is more along the lines of the Ped than a Chianti. Good sangio fruit, food-friendly acidity, CA love. It’s really good stuff, barring the '11 (for my palate, at least).

Those bottles look a lot like the bottles from the Wellington mystery offer (sorry if that joke has been done before).

Awesome, thanks for your opinion. I’m trying to more or less phase red meat out of my diet, and am always looking for some nice, lighter reds to pair with dinner. In for one.

Went for a whole case, gambling is fun!