Vino Noceto Nutz! Red Wine (6)

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great daily drinker at a nice price. Beter with food as opposed to a sipper

•Varietal: Blend
Anyone know what the “Blend” consist of?

3 cases for the wedding, ordered! (Well, at least once molarchae gets her 3 orders sorted out)

86% Sangiovese 14% Barberra

Your signature made me go run totals:
2011- 22
2012- 210
2013- 94
2014- 133
2015- 12
And right beside each order placed is a button that says “I Need Help”

Damn you Woot. Y U mock me?!

great choice and a great price to boot!


If you count your Wine.Woot purchases, You might be a Wine.Woot Addict.