Vino Noceto Quartet

Vino Noceto Quartet
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Aged
2 2005 Vino Noceto Sangiovese
1 2004 Vino Noceto Reserve Sangiovese
1 2004 Vino Noceto Ferrero Zinfanandel

Link are to CellarTracker

Awesome! The previous Noceto is still one of my favorite woot wines. In for two.

The winery can be found here. The link will also appear in the CellarTracker records for the wines once Corrado finds them.

Mmmmm Sangiovese! I’ll have to be in on this one, but later in the week.



Mazel Tov!

Months of trying, and I finally get it!

The only way this would be better is if it were PS, but you can’t win 'em all!

!@#$%^ I must have been second. I loved this wine the first time around!
First sucker: Loweeel
Speed to first woot: 0m 32.470s
Last wooter to woot: Cesare

WOW wine on wine.woot haven’t seen wine in a few days, : P


It’s not a PS - that’s just wrong!

Hope that you get the first-sucker-labrat-karma, though.

– T
(in for 1)

I’m just curious I’m from Indiana. Anyone know the wine rules for this state? I managed to order the humbug crate the other day and I want to order this but my state isn’t listed =( would be nice to try out new things

I think this is going to go fast. The last Vino Noceto offering appears about 10 times on the consensus best WOOT wines thread, which means it’s probably damn good. I’m going to have to decide quickly on this one.

Edit: I caved…

First sucker: Loweeel
Speed to first woot: 0m 32.470s

Last wooter to woot: rwave

only by seconds!

I love Sangiovese and Zin, sorry I missed the Noceto last time, in for 1!

In for 1! Great to know it will be here before Christmas! Thanks wine.woot!

We loved this offering the first time around - in for 3…if still around by the end of the week - in for 3 more…

Here I was originally going to hold off on buying more wine for a bit…and there I go clicking the I Want One button…

Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be a labrat for the first time, as I’m buying so early. I’ve even used my office address this time so would actually get the labrat delivery (hint, hint). :slight_smile:

Ihave 9 left of a case of the 2005 Sangio. Supoerb little wine. The 2004 Riserva is a even bigger, more cherry and berry and fine. The Ferraro Ranch ZIn is also darn good stuff. I have to check my inventory here and buy more.

Ask and ye shall receive!!

Thanks Winedavid… exactly what I wanted. In for one…
OH, and I’d be splendid at lab rattery!

Definitely in. And would make a great lab rat - I’m home all day Tuesday AND have plans with friends. Plus, Tuesday is the last night of Hannukah and being a lab rat would make a FANTASTIC Hannukah present for me.

EDIT: Speaking of Hannukah… LOVE the podcast today!

Thought of you when we secured this one subinsignia.