Vino Noceto Sangiovese - 4 Pack

Vino Noceto Sangiovese - 4 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2007 Noceto Riserva Sangiovese
2 2008 Noceto Sangiovese
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Previous offer:

one of my favorites, an automatic buy

I enjoyed these Sangio’s from the last offering. Tasty, balanced and went well with tomato based foods. 860 buyers the last time, so there should be plenty of rat notes.

I find some of the Italian Sangio’s a little too dry - I prefer the super tuscan blends - what are these like?

Can someone please check on Connecticut. Was a ship to for VN earlier this year…

For complete accuracy- that was 2 07 Reserva, 1 08 Sangio, and 1 07 OGP Zin

Been hoping to see this come up again after I quickly consumed the last offering. Don’t know how I’ll pay for it, or where I’ll put it, but the sangio was great. Can’t find any notes, but def autobuy henceforth.

If the previous offering was one of my worst woot experiences, this is one of my best! The Noceto Sangiovese 08 (not the reserve) was delicious! Really perfectly balanced and a lot of cherry flavor to it.

In for 3!

these are definitely yum… if not for the fact that my storage situation is kinda suspect, i’d totally be in on this one…

Ah, I would have jumped on this one, but they have no love for Tennessee.

In for two. I’ve been holding off on drinking the last one from the previous offering. Now I can open it with more on the way…

In fact, can someone explain to me the rules about “gifting” another woot purchase? I don’t want to anger the wine.woot gods, but I’d really like to gift a family member at the same address another case. Is it better if they create their own account (quickly) and do it themselves? Will the same address get me in trouble?

This wine woot off is killing the credit card…in for three and hoping the two day shipping to Houston comes at a time when we can break the current record of 17 days straight of 100°+ days. Oh, did I mention the humidity??

November, please come soon! Thanks WD!

You are really funny, in a nice clean, wholesome but totally off-the-wall way. So I really don’t mind getting emails from Woot. I don’t really buy wine. And I’ve bought items twice from you (air mattress and something else), because the other things you have had I either didn’t want/need or checking online, wasn’t the best deal.

But I like your patter. Sometimes I send it on to my son, whose goofy and off-the-wall and funny like you guys. He’s a minister. He enjoys that stuff.


automatic buy for me as well. Love Vino Noceto wines

in for two… Keep up the good work Jim & Suzy!!!

Couldn’t hit the I want One and change it to Three fast enough! Have purchaed VN every time it’ been up on since Dec 2007. Have shared and given bottles to friends, who all love the color and wonderful taste. Buy it and leave it in the carton until you have room in your cellar - it’s worth it!

The 2008 Sangiovese is selling for $16.99 at K + L Wines and has one review which is very positive.

With shipping, the cost per bottle of this offer is $15.49 so you’re at least getting a better deal if you were going to buy a little of the 2008 anyways.

Still haven’t fully decided on this, but it definitely is one of the more intriguing Wine.Woots I have seen during this current Woot-Off.

Of course, you could have it shipped here, but methinks you have a place closer. :wink:

In for 1. Wish I could buy 3, but this is all the wine budget I got for this pay-period…