Vino Noceto Sangiovese - 4 Pack

Vino Noceto Sangiovese - 4 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT:4 2008 Noceto Sangiovese
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What are the chances of Kronos coming up this woot off?

One of my favorite recurring characters here, although it’s a shame their Old Vine Zin and the Riserva Sangiovese aren’t involved this time.

Got some of this earlier this year. Really enjoyed.

By my calculations:


Love their wines. Especially the Riserva, but this one has been nice, too. Haven’t had the 2008 before, however. Has anyone tried it?

Aww man!

I have been waiting for this to come up again but mostly for the 2007 Riserva which was in the offering before and was PHENOMENAL. The 2008 is a nice enough Sangiovese but nothing too exciting. :frowning:

Really well done sangio. It’s an autobuy for me because it’s a good wine with a great QPR. If you like sangio, you won’t go wrong.

Why do they use French barrels, and other French things?

Furthermore, how does one verify the claims that are made in the specs?

btw, I’m a total wine noob (cept for consuming).

I’d be in for one if I hadn’t purchased the Buono Rosso Sangiovese blend. There were a couple people from New Hampshire who weren’t able to buy that deal so here’s their chance! Marylanders will still have to wait on the sidelines…

So, the ones on CellarTracker that say “California Shenendoah Valley” and those that say “Amador County” are the same bottle, yes?

vino noceto makes some awesome sangioveses…
i’ve really enjoyed the ones from the previous woots… both by itself and also with like a grilled, dry rub, steak…

I have had the noceto saniovese before, and it is a great wine for the price point.

Great wine at a great price. Woot seems to have uncanny timing in offering up some Vino Noceto when we are just about to run out - and we are down to one bottle. Perfect timing and in for one!

Cool! But for me, between my home brewed Sangiovese, and the not too distant in the past Mandolina Toccata/Reserva mix of which I got a case, this one is a pass. Oh and the Kunde Family Sangiovese 2x also.

And looking at the buy list… Hmmm I might have to close my woot window, there’s a lot of wine coming in!!!

It does look good though! :slight_smile:

Would love to see some Barbera & Zinfandel come up.

So, the bottle up front and center is signed. Does that mean if we go in for this we are getting SIGNED bottles? (or even ONE signed bottle?)

Bummer there isn’t a riserva or two included for 13.75/btl shipped.

Why French barrels? Because French oak imparts gentler oak flavors to the wine than say, American oak. Sangiovese is a very floral, delicate varietal, and oak can easily dominate. So, Vino Noceto is very careful to with its oak treatment. We use mostly French oak puncheons (double the size of traditional barrels) for our Sangiovese to gently age the wine and impart only a hint of oak.