Vino Noceto Sangiovese (4)



Vino Noceto 2009 Sangiovese 4-Pack
$49.99 (Normally $88.50) 44% off List Price
2009 Noceto Sangiovese, Amador County
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I love a good Sangiovese. Does anyone know if this is a good Sangiovese?


This is not a good Sangiovese. This is a phenomenal Sangiovese. I bought this the last time it was up on Woot, and it is just a great, great bottle of wine. At $12.50/bottle, you can’t go wrong with this.


I’ve purchased the previous offers (including a 2007 and a 2007 Reserve), and I’ve LOVED these. I don’t have any experience with the 2009, but based on my previous purchases, will consider this a must buy.

In for 1!


+1. I drank two of the 4 and am storing the rest for consumption in a few years.


Check the link from the previous time woot offered this. Most people liked it, but you may not. If you prefer an Italian Sangiovese over one from California, read the reviews carefully.


love <3 love <3
in 4 2


We purchased this on a whim the last time it appeared on woot.

Thoroughly enjoyed this wine! It was great with a variety of foods but really excels with Italian cuisine.

I clicked to buy within 2 seconds of seeing it pop up here again.


I agree that this Sangiovese is a bargain. I opened a bottle last night and it paired well with a cheese and broccoli soup. Nice balance with a medium finish. If you are a Sangiovese fan, I’d hit the button.


Made it to the order page without checking shipping states, and dammit, no shipping to AZ again. This is becoming a problem.


It’s not allowing shipping to VA either. I got this same wine shipped to me in VA in the past. This is strange.


As of 11/4 wine to Virginia is no more.


It’s definitely more of a Chianti than a Brunello, but still a great Sangiovese.


Smells like Sango-tastes like Sango with cali fruit-gets better with age-12.50 a bottle=no brainer!


Auto buy aka no-brainer. In for three


Anyone else having a problem ordering this wine? Order stuck in the processing stage for about 15 minutes now. Hopefully the wife hasn’t gained access to my account somehow :frowning: Putting the kabosh on my wine woot would be a bad thing.


It’s kinda sad
I’ve written to both my state representatives, but so far not even an acknowledgement – this could be the end of Virginia on wine.woot

By the way, did they just change the formats again?
Seems like links to ‘Read More’ and 'Join the discussion" have moved again.


Picked this up last time and did not regret it. It paired well against a pizza with a nice robust sauce. Considering how often we eat Italian I might be in for another set.


Yes mine is stuck in the processing stage too. That would explain why the % has not moved recently…