Vino Noceto Sangiovese (4)

Alas, the never ending saga of states to where we can, cannot, and do ship continues. Sometimes it’s a $ decision – it makes no sense for us to purchase a $300-500 annual license to sell $500 of wine! In others, like the original Tea Party state, real shipment is still forbidden, despite the Federal court ruling. Access to small production wines continues to improve, but we still have a long way to go. Talk to your representatives and let us know. Jim

YES- we don’t have so many fiends in Vt! :slight_smile:

Good morning, So glad to have Vino Noceto back. A mainstay to be sure.

Their wines will be protected during transit. Enjoy the extra precautions w/out the shipping price bump this week. Stay tuned for more on this topic.


This is an excellent wine! I’d buy some but I still have 8 bottles of the riserva in stock from the last woot+. This is a delicious wine, almost as good as the Riserva itself! I highly recommend!

Fantastic idea! thank you. I have a Fed Ex post very close :slight_smile:

Sold - in for 1!

So many remarks here on this long-time favorite that Woot introduced me to many years ago!

I feel the need to break my radio silence just to leave a note that when people say this is “almost” as good as their Riserva, I must politely disagree. I find this wine is actually the more enjoyable of the two. YMMV :slight_smile:

Pasta. Red sauce. Noceto Sangiovese. Evening made right there, kids.

The Riserva needs time to come into its own. This bottling is certainly the more enjoyable immediately. Love this stuff. I already have 4 bottles. That’s not enough, but it’ll have to do. Serious SIWBM is standing.

For once I will agree with Kyle :wink: the Riserva is so much better with some years under it’s belt, but this one at 13+ a bottle delivered I could drink everyday and Sunday.

I have never had FedEx leave the package without signature. When there hasn’t been someone around to sign for it, we’ve always gotten a failed delivery notice stuck on our door.

I cannot thank you enough!

Sounds like change is a’comin soon…

Greetings, Jim. How are the 2005’s drinking?

No Tennessee love. Maybe next time as I would have ordered a lot!

Let me join the chorus of those who have ALWAYS been pleased with purchases from this winery. Delicious and high QPR.

Excellent news! One less thing to worry about now (sometimes it feels like we should have eloped rather than plan a 100+ person wedding, ugh). Thanks for the response!

I’m really a beginner when it comes to anything wine related, but I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

In for one!

great choice.

We’ve loved the Noceto that we’ve Wooted to date… budget ain’t huge right now but in for one all the same!

Sacramentan checking in. Love that all these Amador wines are being featured on Woot. If you have the opportunity, definitely got tasting in Amador County. The winery folks there are friendly, down-to-earth with none of the pretentiousness you may find in Napa. Almost all tastings are free (or at most $5), and the scenery is fantastic.