Vino Noceto Sangiovese and Zinfandel - 4 Pack

Vino Noceto Sangiovese and Zinfandel - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 2007 OGP Zinfandel
2 2007 Noceto Riserva Sangiovese
1 2008 Noceto Sangiovese
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8/28/06 (my first wine.woot!)

Oh no… another autobuy.
Visited the winery last summer. Great place. Had a nice time meeting Jim and crew. Got to try some barrel samples of these.

Welcome back Jim and Suzy!

I have a problem. Where am I going to store all this?

I found some of the 2006 Noceto Riserva Sangiovese locally - very nice. Earthy tones & great berry flavors.

Love the name for the first sucker.

Vino Niceto offerings are great QPR and drink well without extended cellar time. They might cellar well but we never have them around too long to find out.

Been waiting on Noceto for a long time now. In for 3 with no hesitation whatsoever.

Auto buy for sure. In for two. No idea where it’s going to go, but it’s mine.

After just buying the wellington vineyard mixed case and my pear valley vertical just came in I think I’ll pass just this time. I’ve never had noceto, but if it were their barbera on sale–well now that would be a different story…

Great audio on this one. Noceto Sangio is auto-buy for me, but haven’t tried the Zin. Really looking forward to this one!

Love it! Been waiting all winter for Vino Noceto to show back up.

I remember the noceto from a previous wooting and it was a good enough one to remember the name. So I am in for more.

my cellartracker says i had a 2005 vino noceto sangiovese that i thoroughly enjoyed in 2008. thoroughly… enjoyed.
my woot signature reminds me it was in a previous woot offering, of which the remaining bottles are still cellared, their deliciousness waiting patiently for me to enjoy. thoroughly.

So…Vino Noceto remains my go-to Sangiovese.

Looking back in CellarTracker, I’m surprised to see that I’ve consumed 24 bottles from them! All were very well liked by myself and whomever I might have been drinking it with. :wink:

My only challenge is my SIWBM now that I’m back from Sonoma/Napa with my discretionary wine funds fully depleted. :frowning:

Haha, nice. Wonder whose account that is.

Could we wine stat geeks get pH and TA on these, please?

No posts…
Come out of the woodwork siwbm!

Since things seem a little quiet at the moment, maybe this is a good time to ask: What, exactly, is the color key for the squares and triangles in our postings?? I’ve looked everywhere on the Woot! pages and can’t find the answer. Have the feeling it means I’ve spent $$$$$ over the years.

SWMBO: What’s on woot?
MGB: Oh, some wine.
SWMBO: Let me guess, you want to buy it.

If that doesn’t qualify as “the talk,” I don’t know what does. More goodness for the rest of you.

Hover over the square and you’ll find its code.