Vino Noceto - Three Pack

Vino Noceto - Three Pack
$46.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2005 Reserva
1 2006 Sangiovese

CT links above. Never experienced VN before. Might violate the TIWBM for this one.

EDIT: apologies for the link-failure. DISHONOR! (but fixed)

The winery web site (for those interested parties):

Vino Noceto

Previous offerings:

December 2007: Blog and Forum
August 2006: Blog and Forum

Wow just got one the other day!
The Riserva is GREAT!

Vino Noceto - Three Pack
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Immortalized!!! :happy:

Well, at least until someone time warps in …

This was one of my favourite offerings the first time 'round. The Riserva especially is excellent. My first 2x wine.woot. Considering 3x…

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Well so much for not buying wine for a while. I wasn’t around yet for the first Noceto offering, but I will have to nab some this time around. :slight_smile:

Can you chat a bit about the Riserva (since it IS 2/3 of the wootage for this offer). What made you use superfluous “U’s” in its praise?

Nice one Sparky!

For those curious about Puncheons VS. Barrels, puncheons look to be larger barrels for less wood impact on the wine…

The last offering of this winery was one of my first buys off of wine.woot and it’s had me coming back ever since :slight_smile: Will be in for some this time too…

Winemaker – can you comment on Sangio Grosso vs. Sangio Piccolo? What does each bring to the table?

For the winemaker - the Alicante in the Reserva added to bring the color up, or were there other reasons?

Congrats, MarkDaSpark!

Glad to do my part to make Louisiana a little more purpler.

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It’s been on twice, you were around for the second one. Grab some before it’s sold out. What a great way to celebrate (for you)! And just in time too.

How can I argue with this kind of logic! :slight_smile:

I always do that, don’t you know? Was raised that way.

I wish I’d kept notes - this was around the time I got started on CT. But my private consumption notes, based on recall once I entered recently drunk wines in:

2005 Sangiovese: Delicious sangiovese, great value! Would definitely buy again.

2004 Sangiovese Riserva: Divine. One of the best wines I’ve had in a while.

Not so helpful, I know. But I can tell you that Sangiovese was my first varietal love, albeit Tuscan style. The Riserva is bigger and more structured, more complex, and smoother - I believe it reminded me of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano - but I consider both to be well-styled considering the CA growing conditions. I.e. not overly thin or fruity.

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In for 2! No Labrat for me please WD, I can’t actually drink it yet. :slight_smile:

I believe this is the winery that Subsignia is especially high on. I haven’t been in on any of the previous offerings but I think I might have to be in on this one. Can’t wait for some lab rat feedback. :happy: