Vino Noceto - Three Pack

I know. i’ve been reading. good luck.

Hey Cor, your missing an “=” in your first link. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Today is the final official day! :slight_smile:

Yep, he’s Steve Jones in CellarTracker. He has 132 bottles (11 cases) in stock. Hey man, order a bunch of these so you can make it an even 12 cases. Ahhh, a gross of Noceto…

Speaking of typos, in the ‘products’ under the price and in the main description, Riserva is mispelled.

I thoroughly enjoyed this offering the first time around. The 2003 vintage of the current offerings were my first endeavor into the wines of Unfortunately, I had not yet begun a wine tasting journal. I recall, however, that the Sangioveses did not diminish in quality after being aged for a year and a half. Other wine offerings kept piquing my interest as wine.woot has been known to do.

So this just made me break my WBM. I was doing so well, too. But I just loved all the other bottles of the regular Noceto I had from the previous offering, that I couldn’t resist (plus I’m getting a huge tax refund :)). I still haven’t opened any of the 4 '04 Riserva’s I got, but I think I’ll do so now that I got 4 '05 Riserva’s on the way. :tongue:

Me too. Breaking the vacation imposed WBM, that is. Haven’t tried it, but in honor of Sparky’s first sucker, and those who really love this stuff, I’m gonna give it a try.

I think the Riserva is done in a more SuperTuscan style, thus the blend and not 100% Sangiovese. But, it IS a departure from the previous vintage which was 91% Sangiovese, 6% Syrah, 3% Barbera.

I honestly have no idea how much of a difference those sorts of percentages make. The 2004 Riserva was quite a bit darker/more opaque than the 2005 ‘normale’, with that 7% other grapes, but that’s comparing across vintages. I too am curious about the winemaker’s reasons, and why the change.

Got this one on a lark the first time around and loved it. In for 2 this time as an early b-day present to myself…

…did you catch that wine.woot?? It’s my birthday… labrat! labrat! labrat!

Ah, darn. Still brick red! I don’t know how to labrat, but since everyone else seems to beg for the pleasure, so shall I!

Sorry if I seem a bit loopy. I am halfway through the 2006 Willamette Valley Vineyard Pinot. C:


Here are some nice little writeups about Noceto:
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And some longer ones:
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in for 2

Just curious — WBM? What does this mean?

Wine Buying Moritorium.

Most common is the SIWBM or self/spouse imposed WBM.

No wonder I didn’t recognize it, seeing that it is something totally fictional…

The self imposed is usually a very elastic definition. Lots of exceptions to that one. SIWBM save for this wine or that wine, sidedeals aren’t wine so they don’t count… you get my drift.

Not if you want to stay married or in a relationship … and if married, you chance losing half your wine …

I have become well-acquainted with my own elasticity, so-called. Thankfully, the spouse sees the wisdom of a well-stocked cellar. The only obstacle is a fast-approaching trip to Walla Walla. Still on the fence with this one, for that reason alone…

Are these drink now, or can they be laid down for a while? And if so, how long can they be cellared for?