Vino Noceto - Three Pack

Vino Noceto - Three Pack
$46.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2005 Riserva
1 2006 Sangiovese

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Wahoo - wootoffs!!!

Are Sangio Grosso and Sangio Piccolo just clones (like Pommard/Dijon are for Pinot)? Or are they actually different varieties (like Gros/Petite Manseng)?

Yeah! Noceto!
Booo! Already have these!

I’m in! I still have both the riservas left from the last offering but the other bottle was very good. I am now 2 cases over my storage limit.

Anyone remember how long these can be held for?

For the life of the container and closure.

“can” != “should”

Damn you WD and damn those emergency texts. LOVED this stuff last time around. Just found myself 150$ poorer.

how intentionally obtuse. thanks.

Stolen joke. You fai.l.

F’n yum, that’s all you need to know

Grosso and piccolo are indeed Sangiovese clones. If I am not mistaken, sangio-grosso is used in the production of Brunello. (Italian viticulture is the most difficult to get a grasp on IMO.)

They are 2 different strains w/i the sangio family, but I’ve read a lot of debate about how far apart they are. Definitely siblings. May be fraternal twins. But NOT identical twins. I can’t remember what are the differences they bring to the party.

Love this wine!

Noticed that it’s only $5 for shipping, though, so I’m wondering if we’ll get summer shipping for this woot-off.

Will we?

Triple-digit week ahead, so I need to know! :wink:


Not nearly as much as repeating the boneheaded phraseology that led to that prior joke. What can I say, you inspire me :slight_smile:

How’s the view from way outside the loop?

I suggest you buy fast before the code monkeys get around to fixing the shipping cost. And yes, I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be summer shipping. This often happens when they do a wootoff during the summer. :slight_smile:

oh crap, didn’t notice that. really hoping that’s a typo…

The point is that just because a wine hasn’t turned to vinegar, yet, you shouldn’t be holding off on drinking it.

From wikipedia:

Despite the well known saying that “All wine improves with age”, only a few wines will actually have the ability to significantly improve with age. Master of Wine Jancis Robinson notes that only around the top 10% of all red wine and top 5% of all white wines can improve significantly enough with age to make drinking more enjoyable at 5 years of age than at 1 year of age. Additionally, Robinson estimates, only the top 1% of all wine has the ability to improve significantly after more than a decade. It is her belief that more wine is consumed too old, rather than too young, and that the great majority of wines start to lose appeal and fruitiness after 6 months in the bottle.

– T

From Wiki:

“Early ampelographical research into Sangiovese begun in 1906 with the work of G. Molon. Molon discovered that the Italian grape known as “Sangiovese” was actually several “varieties” of clones which he broadly classified as Sangiovese Grosso and Sangiovese Piccolo. The Sangiovese Grosso family included the clones growing in the Brunello region as well as the clones known as Prugnolo Gentile and Sangiovese di Lamole that was grown in the Greve in Chianti region. The Sangiovese Grosso, according to Molon, produced the highest quality wine, while the varieties in the Sangiovese Piccolo family, which included the majority of clones, produced wine of a lesser degree of quality.”

As always, consider the source.