Vino’s Pewter Bottle Tag

Did they have 2 total?

One that is missing:

“I’m Sorry”

I want B0C not P0C

At $8 for 3 tags, this isn’t much of a deal.

insert wine.woot comment here

camera went fast

What even is this? I confuse.

Isn’t pewter usually a blend of cheap, low melt temperature metals that are often toxic? Doesn’t sound like the right thing to be hanging around the mouth of a bottle.

wouldn’t this be better suited under wine woot?

What would be the appropriate tag for a bottle of T-Bird?

insert “D0 N0t Want!” LOLcat picture here

Come on… shouldn’t this be on Wine.Woot?

I want a cool avatar!

Yup, another Woot killed by the shipping. Five bucks is great for an HDTV, but this deal? Nah.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. This could go in the BoC.

Quick everyone buy 3…

Hehehe, I know a place where to hang these that the wife is really going to enjoy…


So there are 4, but you can only order 3 and have $5 shipping, so you’d have to make 2 orders to get all 4 and pay shipping twice.

Brilliant amazo…er…woot!

What? Why?