VinOair Wine Aerator Premier Gift Set

VinOair Wine Aerator Premier Gift Set
$16.99+ $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 VinOair Wine Aerator Premier Gift Set


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Cheaper on Amazon with Prime. Doesn’t come with the case, though.

not a good deal. it is cheaper at amazon

It’s not the exact same model. That one doesn’t have the “gravity lid.”

This appears to be the same model as offered:
No reviews :-/

I really like my Soiree!

Is it better than my Vinturi?

I already have a Vinturi, a Soiree, and a Nuance, and yet I feel a nearly uncontrollable urge to order this.

EDIT: reviews on Amazon are generally positive - in for two (and not really sure why I wasn’t in for three). Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes.

On Amazon, this set is $27.75 including shipping. Look for “Vinoair Premier Gift Set”.

I bought this last time and love it, especially the filter.

I had a 2004 bottle of Hans Lang Riesling on New Years Eve in which the cork had dried out. Since the cork kept coming apart and I could no longer sink a corkscrew into it, I had no choice but to cork it. The filter did a great job of filtering the cork and only pouring golden wine into my glass (w/no drips).

One thing to note is that it does not fit every bottle and the very first bottle on which I tried to use it was too small (a Portuguese Red).

W/respect to aerating the wine, it does a very nice job and it gurgles quite a bit as you pour. As such, there can be a little bit of splatter on the counter around the glass.

I’m in for 3 to use as gifts for Christmas 2012. :slight_smile:

I own a model that’s similar to this one (I’m not sure if it’s identical; mine doesn’t have the separate filter, at least) and am quite happy with it. I haven’t done a side-by-side with the Vinturi, but I prefer this style because I can keep it with the open bottle and it also helps prevent drips. Every time I’ve used a Vinturi, it’s a bit more trouble and can be a lot messier depending on how steady you are at pouring.

Long story short, I’m happy with it, and would definitely buy it again.

I bought 3 of these during gift week, one for myself and 2 for gifts. I love mine, it works as well as the vinturi but it’s much easier to just leave it in the bottle and set the bottle down on the table vs holding the vinturi and setting the dripping thing back down in its stand. The VinOair also has a great drip edge.

Tooting my own horn… got my first ever “wooter to blame for sellout” tonight on the Twisted Oak Freak 3-pack and later realized that it was my 300th woot! My box is blacker than yours, nahh!