Vino's Party Napkins - 4 Pack

Vino’s Party Napkins - 4 Pack
$6.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Vino’s Party Napkins Variety Pack

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Seriously, just shoot me.

Wow, yeah, I was trying to stay optimistic, but this is officially the worst Wine.Woot-Off ever.

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11.99 dollars for napkins is a little rich

Somebody pass me a bottle of good wine. Oh, wait, there is none!

well, to be fair, this brand of napkins is 8.15 per package of 50 on

so, at least this is a big savings…hey maybe we can get someone from amazon corporate to buy these as there aren’t a lot available at!


…bottle from our CT inventories, since that’s all we’ve got to drink from today!

This is actually $3 cheaper than the previous offer

I really regret recommending wine.woot so highly this weekend to a group of friends – after the last two days I feel like I should call them all and apologize for wasting their time. Geez. How did it all go so bad so quickly? Please tell me there’s hope.

Yea its been pretty bad (which is good for all our wallets) But still got 10.5 more hours…which really means about 9 more after these napkins get out of here.

Hopefully we are cleared out of our good friend that offloaded all his “vintage” wines for this woot-off.

I like the Cosentino wines, but enough already… and now, between napkins and jerky, well it’s easy for me to save money

OMG, now I know what’s worse than salt !

Thanks Amazon!!

I jumped over to and got some wooden train track & accessories. More exciting than napkins.

The last wine.woot off was outstanding…this one is the opposite of the last one.

I ditto all previous comments about this being the worst woot off ever. It is terrible AND inulting to many wooters. Seriously, clearing inventory for a winery and disguising it as a woot off? Aside from the truffle butter everything has been pretty crappy.

Please, someone buy them all so we can get more wine.