Vino's Party Napkins - 4 Pack

Vino’s Party Napkins - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 Vino’s Party Napkins Variety Pack

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What? No refurbished napkins? What happened to being environmentally concious Woot! More trees chopped down for the purpose of wiping morsels of food from our pudgy faces at a dinner party with posh little napkins!!! I propose we have a sit in fellow wooters in protest to the lack of awareness there is at Woot! Where there is awareness there is hope!


At our beer parties, we don’t need no steenking napkins, just a mop.

Are we talking about four boxes with 50 napkins each, or four bundles of napkins that add up to 50 in one box?

Any labrat reports?

ok sold out…lets go

order 9-14-2011 have not recieved as of 9-24-2011