Vino's Party Napkins

Vino’s Party Napkins
$9.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Vino’s Party Napkins Variety Pack

protip: bring one of these with you to a bar. buy a girl a drink and plant this napkin. #instantcreepy

i see you’ve already considered doing this :wink:

Wow… just, wow. Did Dane Cook write the sayings on these napkins?

Ah, I see. These are the BluntCards of napkins.

We have an Engagement Party coming up. Done and done.

No offense to WD and the crew, but if you need napkins like these, then you don’t deserve to be hosting a party.

So… Law student by day, bitch by night?

To wit, every album Radiohead has done since has been a rehashed version of that one.

Quit talking about me like I’m not even here!

Wow just wow…first wine diapers, now napkins, what’s next?

Disposable …oh never mind :slight_smile:

wine.woot: the most interesting wine deals site on the web.

“Bartender? Hello. Hi. I’m fine thanks. Yes, I’d like a glass of white zinfandel served on a 3-ply paper napkin on which a pun or one-liner is printed. Something that makes me smile and shake my head, maybe roll my eyes, but nothing clever enough to make me laugh out loud or want to share it with my friends. Please. Thank you SO much. And could you send it to my table? I’m at the booth over there with those other single gals. We’ll all be paying separately. Thanks.”

This is what I immediately thought of after reading the words printed on the napkins:

I’m pretty certain Dane Cook has a writer who writes all of his material for him. If memory serves me correctly.

I see what you did there…

…and a brother to embezzle all his money

So … it being a slow day in wine woot land, I thought I would offer my impressions of recent arrivals.

2nd Monkey Prize - good fruit with good balance and a bit of backbone. Great for keeping or gifting - someone who appreciates good wine will find it enjoyable and a newbie will find it accessible. Can’t compare to the first Monkey Prize as it is one of the ones that got away. Would buy again.

Had both the Gazzi Chard and Pinot - apparently made by Scott Harvey. Never had any Chard or Pinot from Scott so didn’t know what to expect. At $20 a bottle, I would think both a good value - chardonnay was neither super tart nor buttery. Pinot showed the grape without being thin or skunky. At sub-$10 a bottle, both were a steal.

Not as impressed with Ty’s recent Red (formerly Field Blend). Seemed out of balance - not pure fruit bomb, not thin, but lacking in balance. I am going to give these a couple of years to see what happens.

Pulled a 1999 Roseblum Viognier from the cellar. Been afraid to try them. But surprisingly very drinkable. A bit tart for my tastes, but I do not have enough experience with the varietal to know whether this is just representative of the grape. But for a white over that length of time, I was surprised it was drinkable at all.

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This Saturday evening - in two days - a bunch of Bay Area wine wooters are gathering in Santa Clara to eat ,drink, and be merry. Our theme (such as it is) will be “unusual wines” (varietal, region, blend, etc). All are welcome to join. And if the wine isn’t unusual, it’s still good wine that we look forward to trying!

Please go the the gathering thread for more information, and/or PM me or cmaldoon for location and information.

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