Vino's Wine Cellar Wine Glass Charms - 6 Pack

Where are the Wine.Woot charms?!?!


WooTF indeed.

You wouldn’t need these if you just don’t share your wine! :wink:

Somebody hurry up and buy these things so we can move on!!!

Nothing like some wine glass charms to kill a wootoff and crash the woot server all in one fell swoop

What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

Now that the main page has had their climax (bag-o-crap), do you suppose that Wine.Woot will come up with something that people attack as ravenously? Perhaps a Case-o-Crap, or Cask-o-Crap? Just thinking that this site deserves some of the same excite that the main page gets.

I say a mini-barrel of wine :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard that Kids.woot is going to feature a Diaper-o-crap. Wine.woot will be next.

Hmm, these seemed to have move pretty quickly, thankfully.

If you have to ask…

They might pop up during the Holiday Week Wine.Woot-a-thon (usually during the 1st week in December).

That’s going to be an expensive week :confused:

I’ll have Burt ask Ernie about this.

Charms … how … ummmm … charming

Box of Plonk? [Plonk = poor quality wine] I suggested this last wootoff, and no one liked it then, either.

Box of plonk coming-up next. Get yours before the servers crash…

I guess many wine fans are not Harry Potter fans.