VinoVolve Wine Aerator

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Here’s a comment: what the…???


From looking at the picture, this is a highly valuable piece of glass which can hold wine.

in the bottom of the decanter you see a white plastic cross. it’s a magnetic stirrer. squeeze the bottom, magnetic coil in base will rotate the stirrer in the decanter and agitate the wine.

or 10 seconds in a blender…

Or, use a decanter you already own and get a magnetic stir plate from Amazon for $60. (I’m intrigued, might actually do this)
Apparently the timing system on this is worth $119? Or nah.


Maybe the other $119 is all the research to get a stir rate that “does not bruise” the wine. Pretty sure that blender is contra-indicated for wine :slight_smile:

(Just noticed. 4 days in, one sale. These things are flying off the shelves.)