Vintage Commercial Outdoor String Lights

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Vintage Commercial Outdoor String Lights
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I’m tempted by this deal. Only $5 more than the set available from Harbor Freight and these are twice as long. Only 3 more lights than the 12 you get with the HF lights, but I always felt like the lights were spaced too closely together with HF set. The 30" spacing with these seems ideal.

Can you still buy incandescent replacement bulbs? All I see anymore are the CF and LED ones that don’t have the golden glow of incandescent.

Yes I bought an extra set from Amazon. But be aware both the original set and the replacement set seem to burn out rather quickly. Within weeks of setting these up in my backyard several of the lights had already burned out. and the replacement bulbs didn’t last too long either. They’re still a good looking edition to the previously dimly lit area.

These bulbs are easily found at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. The fixture in my kitchen uses these.
Somewhat pricey though when compared to the dirt cheap prices of most incandescent bulbs these days.

Lux Lights have an identical looking strand on Amazon for $36 with prime, so don’t feel like you have to buy in to get this deal. I’ve had 3 strands of them up in a tree for the past year and they haven’t had a single issue – I’ll be adding another 2 strands to follow along the lip of my garage


We have three strands of these lights…look identical…purchased from Costco. They have heavy duty cords and hangars. Came with extra bulbs, but haven’t needed to replace any for the over two years they have been strung in our trees around the backyard and patio. They are plugged into a remote plug so we can turn them on and off from inside the house. We even have more replacements now due to the fact that our squirrels like to chew the individual lights off if accessible near a trunk or branch. Love them!