Vintage Edison Bulbs 40W or 60W - Your Choice

How old are these?

Per the vendor: These bulbs were manufactured in Jan/Feb 2016

What size is the bulb base?

Per the specs tab: both bulbs have E26 bases

I wish some company would make Tesla bulbs. Nikola Tesla was the true genius.

Thomas Edison was an thief

Commie! USA! USA! USA!

these things are three bucks a piece if you want to wait a couple of weeks on getting them shipped from china. like amazon did to sell to yall for twenty a piece. grr. search aliexpress for edison bulb.

The 60W bulbs are $3.18 each on aliexpress. Unless my math skills have rapidly deteriorated recently, that comes out to $31.80 for 10 bulbs. Versus $22.99 on WOOT! No brainer …

Yeah I paid 6-10 a piece for a little better bulbs at the Home Despot. I’ll take these.