Vintage Edison Bulbs 40W or 60W - Your Choice

Much better choice:

50 year lifespan, 1/20th the power. Was just in a bar in Vienna where they used LED versions, and a few incandescent bulbs. Had to look very closely to tell the difference.

How are they a better value than the ones on Woot? The ones here on woot are $2.29 per bulb (10 pack) while the ones on the site you posted cost about $10 per bulb! If I need 10 bulbs, and want a vintage look, I can buy these for $22 versus $100.

OK. Go ahead and use these. Personally, I would rather not have to replace these every 2-3 years costing $10-$15 over 10 years using incandescent bulbs. And over the lifetime of my home, my children and grandchildren may have to replace them once. I have had one of these vintage style LEDs in an outdoor fixture for 3 years on from sun-set to sun-up sipping 2 watts of energy. Depends upon how you like your math and your carbon footprint.

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Try Costco for led Edison bulbs. $8 for two. Real ones suck up so much power it’s not funny.

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But yeah, these things suck a huge amount of juice and require regular replacement. The LED ones are more expensive but for use as actual lighting they’re a much better choice in terms of longterm cost and energy bill.

Thanks for the tip, Cale31! I just took a quick look at the website; very cool :slight_smile:

These may be illegal in some states.

“Decorative” bulbs were excluded.

Remember, the bulb ban was backed by the industry, not environmentalists. GE lobbied big time for the ban because making 99-cent bulbs here in the USA wasn’t as profitable for their shareholders as making $9.99 bulbs overseas.