Vintage Handmade Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

Vintage Handmade Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

Looks nice but 14.5"(Width) x 11"(Height) x 4"(Depth) seems pretty small.

Horse leather!!??

I second that comment…Horse Leather!!!

I bought one of these last time around and I’m mostly happy with it. People have complimented me on the way it looks, and the horse leather, while a little odd to say out loud, isn’t really noticeable (I’m no leather expert though).

he laptop sleeve is just big enough to fit my 14" Lenovo X1 Carbon. While traveling over the holidays I was able to carry my laptop, a 10" Kindle Fire, a portable power bank, a couple notebooks, and all the necessary cords and chargers without any issues. For daily use taking stuff to/from work this has worked well.

The only downside to it is that one of the clasps comes undone really easily. The other stays secured quite well, so it never becomes an issue. It is mildly irritating though. I don’t regret buying this one, especially for this price (which is less than what I paid) and I’ll use it until it wears out. But, next time around I think I might get one that’s a bit bigger and that has more reviews.


I can’t tell exactly what’s being offered. The third “gray” picture has a gray “flap” but the others show a brown flap. Which one is accurate?

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The one where he’s got it on his shoulder? Flap looks brown to me. The light reflection maybe? Anyway, go by the first two photos. the others are to show the size and insides.

Like cow leather, but from a horse.

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Made from horse leather in India. Cows are sacred there.


It’s all part of the plan.

uh huh

It could have been penguin leather.

Where does it say “horse leather?”

Uh oh. I should have paid attention to that before buying it. Too late now! :rofl:


So “Horse Leather” or “Crazy Horse Leather” is cow. Read all about it.


Sooo… Apparently, not sacred enough to save their hides.

Yep. You see, when a mommy (dead) horse and a leather tanner love each other very much…

You don’t think the French eat hides, do you?

On Amazon’s website, the manufacturer states it is Buffalo:
Q: Is this leather from a cow or a horse?
A: Top grain Buffalo leather
By [Aaron Leather Goods… ]