Vintage Maps, iCanvasART Style

I want this map just because it is a mirror image of Westeros

What, no Time Bandits map???

Vintage…World War 3 map…ummm?

Would buy these if they were more than 1/4 off retail.

Look again. No where does it say “war”. It’s just a 3rd map. I wish there was a WW2 map though :confused: . It would be cool to have one where it showed axis vs allied powers.

Looks like in photos some of the maps stretch all the way around the canvas while others have a white border. Is this accurate? I quite like 11111 but don’t want a white border around the canvas…would look tacky. Any help???

Look how big Antarctica was back then. Concrete proof of global warming.

Some maps don’t accommodate wrapping the image around the side. You would lose the part of the circles on that one if it wrapped. The color that wraps around the edges is the background color. On the one you mentioned, it looks ivory to me.

Also note that the frame on the one you are buying will be thinner than the one shown in the vendor image. Ours will have a 3/4" frame so the edges won’t be as noticeable.

wow. I should down vote myself for that. I’m going to blame…drinking? sure, drinking.

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Too bad the map images aren’t bigger. I like to see a little more detail in what I would be buying.

Dear Woot (thunderthighs?);

I keep itching to pull the trigger on a few of these, but I can’t get over my reservations. I recently bought some of the fender art stuff and was very pleased, and I will likely invest in something of this nature for every room in my house, however, I would like to present my hesitations in the hopes that it reaches the vendor;

  • The price is fine, but the size options are too limited for me. Knowing that they recently had a sale for 40% off across the board would have had me uying direct, and I still might…

  • This did in fact turn me on to the vendor’s wares and I likely will be a future customer. But I will be waiting for the global alignment of a great discount, sizes and prints I want and cash burning a hole in my pocket. This deal got 2 out of 3…

  • If there were some WWII airplane nose art available that would be something even cooler and might tip the scales in the future.

Thanks for listening, please feel free to pass this to the vendor, along with my email if you like.