Vintage Movie Poster Art

These are awesome and I would buy multiple if they weren’t so absurdly overpriced. So instead, no money for you!

Did you notice that these are canvas prints? They’re not paper posters.

• New, gallery-wrapped (stretched canvas, stapled on a wood frame) and ready to be displayed right out of the box
• Manufactured on museum-quality heavy-weight 100% cotton canvas and carefully hand-stretched onto a 100% pine frame, stapled on the reverse side with no staples visible once the piece is hung
• Made with fade-proof ultrachrome inks - light-tested to last over 100 years

The problem here is that these are extremely high quality replicas of extremely mediocre posters.

The only real classic here is King Kong. The others are mostly just offshoots of more popular classics.

If you had the original Creature from the Black Lagoon, Godzilla, etc. I think I’d be in for a few of these.

With this variety I’d still like to own a bunch of these, but definitely not for this price. Maybe if they WERE just paper posters and for about $20 each.

If you go directly to their website, the cost of the posters are the same with their current “sale” of 40% off.

This canvas can be had at the original site for $102 (incl $12 shipping) or on Woot for $95 + $5 shipping. Save $2!

Very nice catch…

For what it’s worth, I have a couple of these stretched canvas prints in my house (though not of the B-movie variety). The canvas definitely gives them a cool look, and because it sticks out from the wall, there’s sort of a 3D effect. It’s definitely a certain style-but it works if well if you like the idea.

Honestly, for a kitschy movie poster, I’m not sure a cheap black metal frame wouldn’t feel more “authentic,” but what do I know. My wife doesn’t let me make these decisions anyway.

I am wondering if these are the same folks who made up the fake rock concert posters a few weeks ago? Some of these sci-fi ones do not have the “look” of the ones that are really from the 50’s. I suspect they are remade from scratch and, as such, are attractive, but not authentic.

Off topic: I just got an original 1955 Classics Illustrated “War of the Worlds” comic book and haven’t seen it for 60 years! GREAT graphics!

I dont think all of these films are from the 50s. Some seem to be from earlier and some later years but I am pretty sure that all of them are the real thing…

Not all films had big budgets or great artist producing them and so you see some “Midnight” movies made for drive-ins where watching the movie was NOT the main objective!

Back to the main topic - If you look around you can get some pretty decent “art” - which means always buy things you like and can afford. I love movies but knowing I got a limited run Keith Haring print framed under glass at the same size as the large size as here and at the same price as here!

The Haring *might increase in price AND I love it… these will never increase in price - so do look around…

I don’t agree that increasing in value should be a big factor in purchasing wall art, but I do agree that purchasing real pieces is, at least for me, a much more attractive option.

I’ve got some prints, but they are signed, numbered prints made by the people who designed them. I’ve also got a few oils, watercolors, and acrylics.

These aren’t by famous people, and they are not likely to be worth anything in the future, but I like them a lot.

By going to coffee shops near art schools, small galleries in the gentrifying part of town, and cheap art shows put on by groups of artists, I have spent very little money, relatively. Only a couple of pieces cost more than a hundred bucks. All the serigraphs cost less than fifty a piece.

So I agree that it’s a good idea to go look for cheap art wherever you live.

Oh, and another good place to look is charity auctions.


As I said it is all about collecting things you really love.

I live in a small town and as the big cities become impossible for starving artist to live in the small towns become more attractive.

Our one floor library puts on displays, the local park has an Arts Festival. One of my favorite place to buy from is an Art Booth at the Summer Open House of the School for the Disabled. For a few dollars I get an interesting piece of art but more importantly I hope I am motivating someone to continue expressing themselves in their work.

The Dalek one, and probably others, is actually slightly cheaper on their website (Sale ends the 19th - use code SUM40).

I’ve been disappointed with Woot since the addition of all the new pages. It’s less about good deals and more just buy crappy expensive stuff.

What is Forbidden Planet an offshoot of? Pretty sure Robby the Robot is a significant part of cult movie culture

What, no ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’? No classic movie art collection is complete without it!

I was all about the blob poster… until I found that the 40% off sale on the website makes it cheaper. There’s more selection at a similar price if you shop from them directly.

This makes me wonder what the point of woot is, exactly? I guess it directed my attention to that site.

That was a different company but this company is the same one that has repeatedly had woot plus offerings of unlicensed reproductions of things like Banksy street art.

I suspect these offerings here are all just public domain images they grab and resell at insane markups.

If they are officially licensed I’d absolutely love to hear it since this company’s track record is far, far less than good in this area.

The movie was a high production value offering based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The robot was later re-used in some cheaper films.