Vintage Sci Fi

Vintage Sci Fi

Mostly vintage ships from pre-1980 sci-fi, but I had to throw in a couple of my recent favorites.

Good stuff!
Any chance of a “legend” giving source info? It may be passe, but that on the BACK could give a lot of “ooomph” to the overall “COOL!”

“Supporting data?? You da Man!”

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The Babylon 5 White Star at the top is flying backwards.


oops! Fortunately, their tech level lets the ship fly in all directions- or so I choose to believe.


Why are two British-created ships (Liberator and the TARDIS) drawing a Stars and Stripes?


I love the idea of this shirt, but the backward White Star and the British ships drawing the American flag might be a bit too much of a distraction from the overall idea in the groups I run with. I’ll be keeping my eye out for a version 2 maybe?

I think Dr. Who is from Gallifrey but I guess some associate him with the UK. Here is a slightly different version from last year (still with the Tardis) Fourth of Sci-Fi and one with all Rebel ships: Rebel Patriots

As of now. But with what the latest season of the rebooted show has done…

that would be cool. unfortunately woot does not have printing on the back of shirts as an option. :frowning:

I mean, maybe they can bring back Frobisher? Can’t be worse.


I have not seen the latest season. I have heard from some that it is not great, but I will reserve judgment.

I have received mine today with the White Star doing the cool “backwards flying” trick. Woot did a great job with the print quality. I have recently sent them an updated file with a forward flying ship. I am not sure on the technical aspects of whether the change will actually be made for future sales, but I like it either way.

I stopped after S9.

I should really continue. (I’ve been meaning to, anyways.)

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If Woot offered shirts in 4XL/4XLT I’d actually buy this one…

I could use a legend too. I know some of them.
From the top:

  1. Babylon 5 - White Star (flying backwards)
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. Star Wars - Millennium Falcon
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. Star Trek - Enterprise
  8. Doctor Who - Tardis
  9. ?
  10. Star Wars - X Wing
  11. Farscape - Moya Leviathan
  12. Battlestar Galactica - Viper
  13. Firefly - Firefly