Vintage Trooper

Maybe she’s a butter face.

Everything is nice, but her face.

Sorry, this just feels wrong.

Such a classy gal- posing as the ties buzz by. Love it- it’s the perfect kind of odd. Grats man!

I’d probably be a better Rebel if I didn’t like this quite so much. Congrats, Mr. Effective Purveyor of Propaganda ; )

“Err, Hans… Have you looked at our caps recently? They’ve got skulls on them Hans. Skulls. I mean, what’s worse than a skull? Hans… are we the baddies?”

I was thinking the same thing too.

It would have been more appealing if she was wearing the storm trooper boots and carrying the storm trooper rifle… But they are less iconic than the helmet…

Isn’t her skirt a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Sorry, had to go there.

This unsettles me. I think I need an adult.

(good show, omarfeliciano)

The Dark Side has the best propaganda.

Congrats Omar!

This would have been an instant buy if she were decked out in Empire black with an officer cap on instead.

And that’s Numberwang!

This would have gone over big at MegaCon, in Orlando yesterday.

Yey! Thanks for all the votes and support! I’ve always loved pinup girls and these seemed like the perfect derby for one, and of course, we need more Star Wars shirts. Man, I love that documentary…

@Nathair, that’s an excellent idea (taking notes)

This design is so wrong, yet, so cool too. Congrats on the print today, Omar!

This is the thread you’re looking for …

Congratulations Omar F! Now I know what the troop(er)s are fighting for!

Congratulation Omar! This an awesome work!

Cloning Princess Leia for the troops = Best idea, ever.

So glad this printed- congrats!