Vintage Vac Motorized Vacuum Seal Wine Saver – 2 Pack

How long will this keep a bottle of wine fresh? Do I store it in the refrigerator?

I bought my girlfriend some stuff called vineyard fresh or whatever its called. Its some food grade Argon (heavier than air which created an “airless” barrier by dispersing air at the liquid surface) which works very well as long as the bottle sits still on my counter. Does this thing work better than the Argon gas preservative?

Exactly what I came here to say. Just sayin’.

Found a few reviews on the “QVC” website, and they aren’t very positive:

Am I to presume that these will work on screw-top bottles as well?

Beat me to it. Actually, it’s 5 - 5STAR reviews and 4 1STAR reviews. So the average is middle of the road, but the goods beat the bads.

Also, for a bit of irony…QVC is probably where Woot got these :slight_smile:

unfortunately that model is off.
I found some reviews from the same company with what looked to be the same sealer, but the model number was off as well. Reviews didn’t look too well either.

At least they are $8 cheaper than QVC

Do you know if Vineyard Fresh would work on 22 oz “bomber” beer bottles? Some of my favorite beers only come in that size, but I’m not interested in drinking a whole one by myself in one sitting.

You wouldn’t want to vacuum your beer. You want to re-pressurize so it doesn’t go flat. If you drink it the next day, the oxygenation of the beer isn’t going to change the flavor too much, if at all. It will change flavor a few days from opening.
Look for something that pressurizes with CO2 if you really want to preserve your beer after opening.

Nobody is commenting on woot’s awesome 2 day shipping? It’s Awesome!

My guess is they are phased out models. When you go to the company website, this model isn’t found, but customer support is if you want to call them before buying:

Does anyone know if these are packaged separately or together? Would like to gift these individually without destroying the packaging.

Nice idea, but these are too tall (on the bottle) to fit in my refrigerator, so no woot.

Maybe link helps. With such poor reviews I am up in the air about purchasing one and gifting one…

Really Greg? 22 Oz of Beer is too much for you? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I shake my head in disappointment. :stuck_out_tongue:
But like others said, don’t bother. I’ve tried with a similar product and it wasn’t good.

Same here. Drink a lot of bombers and would like something to seal the bottles.

I’d prefer to not see home.woot showing things that should be on wine.woot. Just sayin’!