Vintage Washed 100-Percent Cotton 4-Piece Sheet Set

Nice sounding sheets. Anyone have a guess at the thread count?

Per the vendor, 155TC

That really IS vintage!!!

How does a 100% Cotton sheet have “Microfiber yarns”???

Well, that’s what we get for looking to Amazon for the features. It’s 100% cotton, no microfiber. We confirmed with the vendor.

The good news is my order came SUPER fast - like 10 days before the listed date. Bad news is they sent a King set when I had ordered a Queen, with a packing slip clearly marked “queen”. So back they go but I did get to look at them. They are described on the package as “lightweight” and seem pretty thin - maybe not 157TC thin, but 250-ish maybe? Anyway, they seem quite soft and the lilac color is very nice.

what exactly IS ‘vintage washed’ cotton? Recycled? Old? Just looks old? Google is not helping, here…

I found this. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I saw that for linen, wasn’t sure cotton was handled the same way.

How do I know what color to order on the gray tones?, on Amazon they have different names, and when I click on the photos or choose one from the dropdown list, it doesn’t show the color that I choose.

Sorry about that. The colors are captioned now on the photos. That should help.

When I was a kid in the 1970’s I would help my Mama fold sheets. Everytime we would fold sheets together she would tell me, “Never use anything less than 180 thread count.” Then she would say, “And always use Percale.”

and my family says nothing less than 800tc. times have changed