Vinturi Deluxe Wine Aerator Set

Have one, it’s viewed by the Wine.Woot folk as probably the best aeration method around. Enjoy!

Put it under Wine.Woot. Seriously.

BTW…The picture has an error. The round circular and flat grate sits under the wine glass and helps to control any dripping wine from the aerator after you move your glass. It’s not meant to be put on top of where you pour the wine in!

One of the best aeraters I have ever used.

Yeah.This guy/gal must have had a few bottles of wine well before they decided to assemble this unit or it doesn’t come with instructions in sober English, if any instructions at all. Either which way, I’m going to buy this for my Mother. I’ll let her assemble it and see if her final outcome compares to that picture.
Whatever makes a boozer happy and mellow.

Great for quick aeration. Still can’t do justice to a good decanting, but it’s great for a picnic or if you just need to sink into that bottle of wine immediately.

I keep this on my kitchen counter for easy, quick access. Love it! Buying one to give as a house-warming gift.