Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower

Will this stand work properly with the travel vinturi sold a few weeks/months ago?

Gotta have two… don’t know who will get them. I have one and everyone who sees it in action thinks it’s the coolest thing ever!

How quickly does the wine flow through this? Is the stand something essential or does simply holding the Vinturi accomplish the job?

These are great, my wife paid $60 for mine, $22 bucks ya gotta buy


you don’t need the stand but it makes pouring so much easier

You can just hold it, but some people like the ability to put it into the tower and pour into the glass without just holding the Vinturi in your “other” hand.

Lazy person’s decanter. Works well when it’s appropriate; leaves some wine “flabby,” reputable sources proclaim it less useful than an actual decanter.

Amazon has one for $31, or white and red two-pack for $57, with free shipping. This is a cheap compared to normal retail, but not a huge deal compared to sale prices.

You can hold it and pour at about half speed, but the stand is less awkward and looks a lot better!

$60 included the stand and aerator I’m guessing? The aerator typically only costs about $30, so this isn’t a very good deal. If you buy both for $51, it’s still not a very good deal. Sorry for being a downer. I like the Vinturi but not at this price.

Dang. It. Just ordered one from Amazon two days ago for 31 bucks. No kidding. Double Dang.

i need the tower, but for 20 something bucks… i guess i will just hold it.

i’m just being suspicious about how effective this thing is… i prefer a decanter

I have the decanter and absolutely love it.

Can any stand owners comment on its effectiveness?

That’s What She said…

This isn’t a screaming deal - with shipping it’s about $10 less than the pre-tax price at our local Crate and Barrel. But enough of a discount to make it worthwhile for me to get one as a birthday present to myself.

This is largely for those occasions when there isn’t time to decant.

doesn’t look to be that great a deal - Amazon has the deluxe set - includes Vinturi Red Wine Aerator and 2 pce Tower - for $44.99 with free shipping. Overstock has them for a few bucks more.

If your hand is steady enough to pour this high without this thing . . . it must be the first bottle you’ve poured today.


I too love my decanter BUT do not aways have the time to decant before a meal (read “I don’t think of it”). What I love about the Vinturi is that i can open a bottle of red, get out the Vinturi and enjoy a great glass of more-or-less properly aerated wine right away. Plus, IMAGINE the -ahem- admiring looks you’ll get at restaurants when you take this thing out of its pouch to aerate your wine before all the drink-straight-out-of-the-bottle rabble!

The stand is a convenience, nothing more, but I LOVE mine!