Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower
$22.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Vinturi
Vinturi Red Wine Aerator,
Vinturi Red Wine Tower

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Two vinturi’s in one day, that’s a record!

$28 for a plastic stand???
Was it made under governemnt contract?

A couple of weeks ago, when we were back “home” before our wedding, my (now) husband’s father showed us this. It’s pretty cool and we tested it vs. regular poured wine and there was a big difference (cab from a grocery store). That’s nothing new in terms of it’s reliability. However, the only downside, is once you’re done pouring some drops of wine do drip down. There’s a weird wire mesh thing at the bottom, probably to trap the wine, but that is kind of a pain. Not a good enough deal for me to bite though, not much of a discount compared to Amazon.

The two before this one wasn’t enough?

Amazon $25.50 + free shipping

no deal here.

You can get the whole thing for $45.88 on Amazon, includes both the stand and aerator…

Seems like Amazon makes them put these up on EVERY wine.woot-off…must be a good money maker, or a slow mover on Amazon?

Hopefully it’s not the death of the woot-off :slight_smile:

Perfect for my box wine! :slight_smile:
Crap! Out of the tower and I needed 3.

I’ve had one of these for about six months and love it. Unless you are really uncoordinated or want to look fancy there is no need for the stand however. In regards to the wire comment above, it is put on top to help keep out any sediment.

I just ordered three of the Soirée. Do I really need this? I typically drink anything opened completely.