Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower
$22.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Vinturi
Vinturi Red Wine Aerator,
Vinturi Red Wine Tower

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I just…y’know, always hold the Vinturi over the glass. The tower is kind of neat, but for the price of a bottle of Wellington Victory–well, I could get a bottle of Wellington Victory! :wink:

Anyone have this? Is it useful?

EDIT: Okay, almost a bottle of Wellington Victory…

In for two… I already have one and have gifted many. I may keep one for a spare and the other will live in the “gift bag” until the appropriate recipient comes to light. They are great for aerating the wine, plus the sound effects make them a fun gift. Everyone who has been around when I have “vinturied” my wine thinks it is an absolute hoot. Buy while you can. The price is totally great.

Tower sold out… ALREADY?!

I have a Vinturi and Wine tower Stand… I LOVE IT!!! Not only does it make cool sounds when you pour your glass of wine… it is truly amazing the difference it makes in the taste of your red wines! ( I did a side-by-side taste test- Wow! didn’t even taste like they came from the same bottle!!)
Buy one, you won’t regret it!

My wife got me the tower for Xmas, its da bomb and at 22 bucks a steal. If you don’t have it its the best deal today

OK $22 buck for each still a great deal, the wife paid about 75 for the set.

Gah - this went quick!

Though it’s on our wedding registry, so hopefully we’ll be proud owners soon… :wink:

Sells for about $50 for the deluxe set on Amazon.