Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator or Vinturi Red Wine Tower
$22.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Vinturi
Vinturi Red Wine Aerator,
Vinturi Red Wine Tower


The thumbnail picture makes this item look like a weed-wacker.

Lots of reviews for the stand say it leaks. I don’t understand how exactly that’s possible, but people generally don’t like it. Plus, your glasses have to be the correct height for it to work.

The only way that could possibly happen is if they over fill the aerator and it dribbles down the stand.

User error, IMO.

about 10 bucks cheaper than amazon. in for one!

I was waiting for an aerator for some xmas gifts, but it doesn’t seem to be that good of a deal. I remember seeing some of these for sale at a department store for $25… any other thoughts ?

I think I saw them fot $36 yestetday at the mall. I’m in MD. I bought this deal!

I have both the only way it “leaks” is if you poor the wine in faster than it passes theu the aerator. so it overflows not leaks. I have the complete set up including the screen and love this thing.

These Aerator’s usually go for around $40.00 at the wineries.

I’ve the Soiree and have problems with sediment on occasion. Anyone tried both and have a preference of one over the other?

I’ve had both and prefer the Vinturi. I think it works better, captures sediment, AND makes a fabulous Bronx Cheer noise as you pour. Effective and entertaining!

I bought the aerator here for $22 shipped 13 months ago. Why is the price so much higher?

this one has a screen that catches most if not all of the sediment

Red Wine Aerator is $36.50 shipped at Amazon.

Wine Tower is $31.28 shipped at Amazon.

Not the best deal - only 23% off on the Aerator and 11% off on the Tower.

If you want both, it’s really not a great deal. You can buy the Deluxe Set that includes the Aerator, Tower, Splash Grate, and Sediment Filter for only $58.25 shipped.

we have the aerator and love it… works great… cant speak for the stand tho… i just assume hold the aerator while pouring a glass… im lazy and all but not that lazy!!!

Any ideas about using this with the Decantus aerator?

The first thought I had when I saw the woot picture was “pop dispenser for reds,” so of course I went to “where do I see reds consumed like soda?” My friend has very large BYOB wine parties, and reds are the refreshment of choice for most.

Also, there has been discussion about glasses being too big for the stand…just how tall is it from base to aerator?

I use Tall wine glasses and mine fits, I’m guessing my glasses are 8 to 9 inches tall

I have the Vinturi aerator and love it. While with some wines it doesn’t seem to make any difference, with others it dramatically improves the wine. In any event it never makes it worse.
I was just at my local Costco and they had it for $26 (I think).

I would love this, but I live in Oklahoma. I know wine can’t be shipped here. Does the same go for wine accessories found on wine.woot?